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We're obsessed with designer swimwear. Our Vancouver headquarters is home. The breathtaking beaches of the British Columbian coastline, our inspiration. We pride ourselves on bringing you the most alluring fashion, crafted with the highest quality materials that immediately take you on an escape as soon as you step into a swimsuit. 

We know swimwear. The team at Sun Vixen Swimwear is a beach loving, pool party planning, getaway going, day to night swimsuit wearing fashionista brigade. We believe in function and form. When you choose a Sun Vixen Swimwear product you step into the sun, glowing inside and out, confidently diving into any situation.

We love our clients; you drive us to exceed expectations in luxury swimwear and we listen. Follow us on Instagram and Facebook. Reach out, share and comment. We love hearing from and getting to know you. We're here to help you find what you're looking for. If there is a killer brand you want to see at our shop, we’re experts at getting it for you. So get in touch!

Step into a designer swimsuit and let your inner Sun Vixen shine through!

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