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Soak Wash Eco Friendly Detergent Are you looking for an earth friendly, environmentally friendly and plant derived detergent for your designer bathing suits and other delicates? You’ve come to the right place for a high quality biodegradable laundry detergent. A swimwear detergent that fits all your needs. From delicate lingerie to handwash only clothing, soak wash is the rinse free solution you need. It’s the perfect companion for the items you love the most and want to take care of delicately. Made in Canada Soak wash Canada is made locally in Toronto. A phosphate free, dye free and sulfate free gentle laundry detergent. It’s the best soak wash USA option too because it’s a no rinse laundry detergent made with renewable ingredients that are biodegradable and not harmful to our planet. This makes Soak eco-friendly detergent the best swimwear cleaner and eco detergent worldwide. You need this to care for your most loved delicates properly. Gentle Plant-Derived Ingredients Soak wash is the best quality laundry detergent for sensitive skin. All natural ingredients are plant-derived and non-irritating to delicate skin. This means you can worry less about having a breakout or other skin reactions. Soak wash is an HE washing machine safe detergent Soak wash is perfect for green laundry care. A litle goes a long way. You only need a small amount of eco detergent to get great results. Optimally clean swimwear and delicate clothing for a truly fresh feeling. Soak gentle laundry soap is a low sudsing detergent that comes in 6 fantastic scents - pineapple, yuzu, fig, celebration, lacey and wild mint. There’s even a scentless option for those with scent sensitivities. The aromas are light, clean, and fresh for a subtle smell that’s not overpowering like many other detergents. Wrinkle Release Spray Flatter This starch-free smoothing wrinkle release spray relaxes wrinkles and freshens fabrics. It’s the perfect solution to make your beachwear look sleek, soft, and static-free Without ironing: Spray directly on wrinkled fabric and gently smooth the fabric with your hand to release the wrinkles. Repeat as needed. With ironing: Flatter can be used as an ironing spray to remove wrinkles without starch. Spray over fabric before ironing. Use the recommended fabric setting for each garment. Take this eco wrinkle spray with you on vacation to smooth wrinkles from your clothes without ironing. Also freshens clothes between washings with a lovely subtle scent