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How to Find the Best Bathing Suits for Large Bust

It was a perfect sunny day of July long weekend in 2017. We were on the beach as we usually were that weekend each year. At one point I noticed my friend Janice was the only one not wearing a swimsuit. It was 37 degrees Celsius and scorching hot! Most of us were in the water every few minutes just to cool down.

A large chested woman sitting on the beach thinking about how uncomfortable she feels in a swimsuit because they usually don't fit well because of her large bust
photo credit: William Recinos

I asked her if she forgot to bring her swimsuit.

She explained to me that she didn’t feel comfortable in swimsuits because she has a larger than usual chest and nothing fit quite right.

My heart sunk for her. Even though I didn't have that problem, I still knew what it was like to feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit.

That's when I vowed to myself that I would help women overcome this problem when I finally opened my swimwear store. Women shouldn’t have to feel uncomfortable in a swimsuit. For ANY reason.

Shopping for swimwear can be daunting on its own. Add how to find the best swimwear for a larger chest and it must be overwhelming.

Where do you even start?

Thankfully, we are now seeing the top designer swimwear brands create swimsuits for larger busts.

Brands like PilyQ and Sauvage Swimwear have now added D Cup to their offering.

Still other brands are creating swimwear specifically for larger chest sizes.

D Cup Swimwear

Swimwear designers are finally beginning to answer the question that many women have been asking.

What about swimwear for a large bust?

A woman shops for swimwear for larger chests from Sun Vixen Swimwear Canada online store
We have a selection of swimsuits specifically for larger busts

When Sonja went shopping for a new swimsuit for her first vacation earlier this year, she came up empty-handed, and frustrated.

She had a very common problem.

She loved to wear bikinis. The issue was she wore size medium bottoms but could never find a top that would give her the support she needed for her large chest.

She just didn’t feel comfortable, even in a large size top.

When she came to me and explained her problem, I suggested she try a Sea Level Australia bikini.

This meant she could mix and match the top and bottoms to fit her perfectly.

Swimwear designers like Sea Level Australia offer swimwear that is designed for larger chests.

To cater to women with a larger chest size and average body size, the ability to mix and match tops and bottoms is a game-changer. A top that can fit D/DD or even DD/E Cup can mix with size 4, 6, or any other sized bottoms, so you get the perfect fit on top and bottom.

Sonja tried on this Sea Level Australia bikini and held her breath.

She LOVED it!!!

“It’s the most comfortable swimsuit I have ever owned. I am impressed with how well it fits on the top AND bottom. I know for a fact that I look great in it.”

With swimwear sizes ranging from 4 US/6 CAN up to 16 US/18 CAN, Sea Level Australia gives you options. This is great news because many women have larger than average chest sizes. And being able to choose different size bottoms than your top means you get a bathing suit that fits you perfectly.

Larger than D Cup Swimwear

Many women have chest sizes larger than a D cup. If you’re one of those women, you understand how difficult it can be to find swimwear that fits.

Michelle was looking for a one piece swimsuit that would look great and also give her the support she needed in the chest area. She wore an E Cup bra.

I explained to her that beyond a D cup chest size usually requires some additional support.

Extra chest support can come in various ways:

  • Underwire helps to hold the chest up

  • Molded cups keep the chest in place, give the chest shape and prevent mishaps when bending forward

  • Side boning holds the breast tissue forward to prevent underarm spillage that can make women feel less attractive

  • Adjustable/convertible shoulder straps can provide more support for the chest because it allows adjustment to the perfect fit for maximum comfort

  • Wide shoulder straps more evenly distribute the tension that can be created by a larger chest across the shoulders. This creates a more supportive and comfortable swimsuit top

  • An adjustable back strap also provides support because it allows you to create the perfect fit according to your back size, similar to a bra

For the best support and a comfortable fit for a large bust, look for a swimsuit that has at least one or more of the elements listed above.

Michelle chose this black and white one piece swimsuit.

“I’ve never felt this good in a swimsuit in my life. It holds me in all the right places and my chest feels supported.
I’m grateful I found this brand. I’ll definitely be buying a Sea Level Swimsuit again.”

Just remember, when shopping online, look for swimsuits that state in the description that they fit up to D/DD or DD/E Cup or larger.

And if in doubt, call or email the store to ask.

If you have any questions about how to find the best swimsuit to make you look and feel beautiful in the sun, get in touch!

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