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Best ladies beachwear for the water and promenade

Swimwear has gone far beyond the beach and pool. It’s not uncommon to wear your favorite designer swimsuit to the cafe, out to lunch, or for a walk down the promenade. That said, when you invest in the newest luxury designer swimwear you’ll want to wear it as much as possible.

Here are some of the best ladies beachwear and accessories that can take you from the pool deck to the promenade on your next luxury beach or resort vacation.

beach cover ups canada
Beach Cover Up Pants Sunrose Willow by Agua Bendita

Beach Cover Up: Don't forget to bring a beach cover up. It’s a great way to protect yourself from the sun when you’re not in the water. Wearing a bikini to dinner may not be practical, but with a light, sexy cover up, you'll look gorgeous. Beach cover up styles vary and include dresses, jumpsuits, shorts, and even lounge-style pants.

Beach Cover Up Canada
PilyQ Naya Beach Cover Up Dress

The Naya Beach Cover Up Dress (right) is bright, fun and easily slips on over a bikini. It also has hidden side pockets that are great for carrying your hotel key and some cash.

Sandals: An essential part of any ladies beachwear outfit is the perfect pair of sandals, wedges, or heels. Find a pair that pull double duty so you can wear them around the pool deck and later with your cover up and bikini as you stroll along the promenade or sip a martini at sunset.

leather sandals
L Space Leather Snake Wrap Sandals

A favorite of ours is these L Space Leather Snake Wrap Sandals. Their neutral tone makes them a perfect match with any outfit.

Stylish Sunglasses: The perfect pair of sunglasses not only protect your eyes from the sun, but are great for people watching, incognito. Wear shades with a mirrored finish to casually spy on the bachelor in the hot tub across the deck without being noticed.

mirrored aviators canada
Pink Mirrored Aviators by Floats Eyewear

These mirrored aviators are stylish and will complement any ladies beachwear ensemble.

Bold Bling: Add some jewelry to put the finishing touches on your beach or pool look. Remember that your swimsuit is an outfit so dress it up with some earrings and a necklace.

limestone bracelets
Zen bracelet by Cocobelle

Right now we’re loving the zen of this 3-piece polished limestone bracelet set (above), and this elegant gold-plated sabre tooth pendant necklace (below).

Beach Jewelry Canada
Gold Plated Sabre Tooth Pendant Necklace

A beach cover up, a pair of sandals, some stylish sunglasses, and some bold bling create the perfect ladies beachwear outfit. Scope out the best cabana, order your favorite cocktail, and enjoy your vacation in the sun. ☀️

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