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How to take the best Instagram swimsuit selfie

After buying your new designer one piece swimsuit, what woman doesn’t want to show it off to the world? Post the perfect Instagram swimsuit selfie to stack up hundreds of likes and comments.

Here are a few tips to take the best swimsuit selfie to share with your soon-to-be-obsessed girlfriends.

Staging the perfect swimsuit selfie

  • Clean the lens and mirror: A dirty, smudgy mirror or camera lens will blur your photo. Give it a wipe with a lens cloth or window cleaner before taking your shot.

  • Know your backdrop: Check behind you for anything that could distract from you and your bathing suit like busy scenery or an unsuspecting photo bomber in a tight speedo.

  • Check your lighting: Overhead lighting, including the sun, can sometimes cast unflattering shadows that can make you look like you haven’t slept in a decade. For the best photo make sure you are facing the light source and don’t have your back to it. You may have to angle your camera above your head to shoot downwards and get the best photo.


Did Someone Say Selfie Stick?

  • Use a selfie stick: Although using one can be a little attention grabbing (who doesn’t like a little attention anyhow?), you can set yourself up to take the best swimsuit selfie when you use one. The additional distance gives a slimming and lengthening effect. Trust me, if you haven’t yet tried one to take a selfie, you will thank me once you do.

  • Give your head a shake: Get that salty-air Baywatch babe look by shaking your hair out. Beach waves make you and your bathing suit even sexier. Add a quick swipe of gloss and you are photo ready.

  • Strike a pose: Find a swimsuit selfie pose that makes you feel confident and sexy and that shows off the best features and details on your swimsuit. Try one leg to the side or crossing your legs at the ankles. Do whatever feels natural and the camera will adore you for it.

  • Smile for the camera: The camera is your friend. Take a few extra photos to make sure you have a bunch to choose from.


Don’t forget!

  • Be mindful of your phone: If taking a mirror selfie, make sure your camera doesn’t block your face or part of your swimsuit. Hold it to the side so you don't leave anything out of the photo.

  • Use photo filters: The awesome thing about Instagram is that they have pre-designed filters you can apply to your photos to help brighten or stylize your pictures. If you don’t take the perfect swimsuit selfie on the first try, see if a filter will make it pop.

Next time you take an Instagram swimsuit selfie in your new bikini or one piece swimsuit, be sure to tag @sunvixenswimwear on Instagram so we can see you too!

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