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How to Wash a Swimsuit

You’ve just splurged on a hot bikini and one piece swimsuit for your next beach vacation and now you need to make sure it looks like the day you bought it for as long as possible. Wash your bathing suit with these 3 easy steps to help it resist fading, thinning, and pilling:

Step 1 - Rinse promptly

First, always rinse your suit in cold water immediately after swimming or sun tanning. Make this your routine after every dip in the ocean or pool because rinsing will remove lotions, sweat, chlorine, and salt water that will break down delicate swimsuit fabrics and shorten the life of your bathing suit.

Step 2 - Hand-wash your swimsuit

As soon as possible after rinsing, hand-wash your swimsuit in cold tap water. Use a cleaner specifically designed for dedicates and swimwear. We absolutely love to wash our suits in SOAK Swimwear Cleaner (try the pineapple scented one to feel like you’re on Hawaiian pineapple farm). Avoid using regular laundry soaps because they contain harsh chemicals that can fade and break down delicate swimwear fabrics.

Step 3 - Dry flat

If you have a fresh manicure you’ll be happy to know you don’t have to, and shouldn’t, wring, twist, and scrub your swimsuit after washing. Save your nails after washing your bikini and gently squeeze your swimwear to drain excess water - then hang dry or dry flat. Check the washing instructions for your suit to see which drying method is recommended. If your bathing suit has any crochet detail, definitely try flat because it may curl if hung to dry. Also, dry your swimsuit in the shade rather than the sun to resist fading.

Most importantly, do not wash your swimsuit in the washing machine and do not use regular laundry detergent. Resist the temptation! Your swimsuit will thank you.

Remember to rinse, hand-wash cold, and dry flat and you’ll have a bathing suit that your friends and pool-side admirers will envy on your trip to Arizona next month, and your Mediterranean cruise next year!

If you’re heading somewhere tropical and warm this winter, here are some travel size and single use swimwear cleaner products we recommend (and you can take them in your carry-on bag!)

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