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My Experience Finding Swimsuits for Full Figured

I'm pretty excited!

My beautiful friend Opal has sent me some swimsuits for full figured to try on from Sun Vixen Swimwear.

I've watched her develop her company for the past couple years and I’ve always been kind of apprehensive about ordering a swimsuit online because I am a very full figured woman and I just always felt like nothing would fit, however, she thinks differently.

So, here are the swimsuits for full figured she sent me. I am very excited!

They came with a handwritten note and the packaging is beautiful.

Online swimwear delivery box from Sun Vixen Swimwear in Vancouver filled with swimsuits for full figured received by a Canadian woman
Sun Vixen Swimwear Packaging

Look how pretty this is!

I’m also someone that doesn’t usually ever order anything online.

I think because I am full figured, I just never think that it’s going to fit, so I’ve never bit the bullet and ordered anything.

I’ve also never purchased a swimsuit before that is of good quality. I buy crappy swimsuits.

But I never feel comfortable in it either so I’m really looking forward to seeing some swimsuits for full figured from Sun Vixen Swimwear.

Here’s swimsuit number 1 (below) - beautiful and it is an amazing fabric. There’s no comparison.

I can tell already, before putting it on, that it is going to be comfortable and help keep everything in place. This one is one that Opal saw and thought of me.

I’m actually really excited to try this one on. It’s beautiful!

And one thing about my body is I do quite like my chest area so this kind of draws attention to that area and takes away from the stomach. I’m really pumped to try this one on.

This next swimsuit (below) is quite plain but sometimes that’s a good way to go. Nice classic lines.

Especially when you have young children which I still do and they don’t necessarily want to see mom with cleavage.

This is a great swimsuit for them. The material is amazing.

Like I said before, you can just tell that this is going to hold everything in place where it should be held. And I really love the color of this. It’s beautiful!

Last but not least, I’ve got to say when I first saw this one piece swimsuit online I was not super keen on the pattern. I’m not much of a pattern girl.

But now that I see it in person, the color is so beautiful and there’s so much little pleating on it and in the chest area that I can tell it’s going to be very flattering already.

This is the swimsuit (below) I was most excited to try on and I’ve got to say, I love it!

It feels so good.

The quality is good.

It holds everything in.

It smooths out my midsection.

And like I said before, it draws attention up towards my chest instead of down towards my midsection.

I think it looks quite sexy, I must say so myself. Love it!

One more thing I wanted to touch on about why I love this swimsuit is the price tag. It is only $130!

So that is the same as going into a swimwear store in the mall and there’s no comparison in quality.

This swimsuit is beautiful, thick material that you can sit in and still feel comfortable. That is major.

Thanks Opal! Thank you for essentially having the confidence in me to say, “No, you will fit in these suits. You can fit in these suits.”

Which was my biggest fear probably about trying them on.

Thank you! I love it!

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