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Swimsuit Cover ups : 5 Reasons Why You Need a Designer Beach Cover Up

To start off, what exactly is a swimsuit cover up?

It is an item of clothing typically worn over your bathing suit to glam up your look. It’s usually made of a lightweight and quick drying material. You can find swimsuit cover ups in many different styles including dresses, pants, skirts, sarongs, shorts and tops.

You can elevate and make your bathing suit stand out. In general, cover ups are made of a sheer material which allows your swimsuit to still be visible. Therefore, a designer cover up helps to illuminate your designer swimwear rather than conceal it.

A lady wearing a gorgeous multi-colored designer cover from sun vixen swimwear Canada in Florida

They’re designed to easily pull on and take off for easy and elegant movement while dressing or undressing at the pool. Graceful movement is key. Imagine yourself pulling on tight jean shorts over pool dampened skin in front of strangers. How embarrassing.

Below are 5 reasons why you should wear a designer beach cover up to compliment your designer swimsuit:

1. Ties your designer look together

Wearing a designer bathing suit cover helps to elevate your entire look. It makes your outfit look expensive without you ever saying a word. In contrast, if you were to pair your designer swimsuit with a cheap cover up or ordinary shorts, your outfit might give off the opposite vibe.

Sexy white fringe cover up from Sun Vixen Swimwear worn by a lady in Minnesota

Plus, most people don’t bother completing their beach or pool look with a cover up, you’ll look a league above the rest. Centre of attention, here you come!

2. Makes you look like a trendsetter with your revolutionary choice

A designer beach cover up elevates your look to a whole new level. It makes you look sophisticated and elegant. You can tell the quality of an item by the material used, the stitching, but most importantly, the overall fit. The way it accentuates your figure is a major tell sign.

A lady in South Carolina wearing a designer beach cover she purchased with a Sun Vixen gift card

Can you imagine your favorite celebrity wearing a designer outfit with a cheap jacket? No, because it would never happen as influencers know this is a fashion faux pas.

3. Smoothly transition between a swim look and an event look

Women’s swim cover ups allow you to seamlessly transition from one scene or event to the next with minimal effort. For example, after lounging poolside, you can slip on a swim cover up and look sophisticated enough to have brunch at the restaurant beachside.

Or a fancy chic cover up dress can easily transition to a sexy beach club outfit, with matching wedges.

4. Protects your skin from the harmful ultraviolet rays

You need to protect your skin from the sun every now and then. A luxury beach cover up allows you to get some reprieve while still spending time in the sun without the sunburn.

A lady in Alberta wearing a floral print maxi cover up she purchased from sun vixen swimwear

Plus, it’s more fashionable than a towel or beach umbrella. You can look fashionable as you relax on a nice hot summers day without worrying about prolonged sun exposure.

5. Can help with body insecurities to make you feel more confident

Most of us are insecure about certain body parts. Beach cover ups are a great way to help. When you’re out of the water, you can feel more comfortable with a cover up. It allows you to cover up if you feel insecure or remove it when you feel confident.

LA Beach babe wearing a cover up she bought from sun vixen swimwear Canadian online boutique

Even just having the cover up with you can give you the courage to not have to use it at all. Insecure about your arms? Get a cover up top. Insecure about your thighs? Get a pair of cover up wrap pants or a dress.

At Sun Vixen Swimwear, we love cover ups and think everyone should own a couple to go with their swimsuit collection. It’s essential for everyone’s closet, like a little black dress.

There are many different styles but finding one that fits your needs is the most important. Think about where and how you would use it. This will help you narrow the style, material and colors you prefer.