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The Best 20 Minute Workout

Life is busy. We are all trying to cram so many things into each day & week that often we don’t have time to slog away in the gym for over an hour. Or sometimes our plan of hitting the gym regularly throughout the week (or month) goes sideways causing us to have to reset and ‘get back on track’ yet again.

One thing I always ask my 1:1 clients when I start working with them is what is realistic in terms of time spent at the gym working out. If they realistically can only commit to 20-30 minutes then I create a program for them to follow that is 20-30 minutes long. There is no point creating a perfectly crafted 75-minute strength program that is only going to be done twice a month. 98% of my clients are trying to juggle a kazillion things and when they are honest with themselves, a workout that is 20-30 minutes long is what they can consistently commit to.

Consistency is the key to results. If you are not seeing the results you desire in the gym, stop and reflect on how consistent you have been.

If it’s been a struggle to find the time to get to the gym, or maybe you’re just feeling uninspired with your current workouts or need some guidance on how to use free weights and integrate strength training into your routine, give this short & sweet workout a try. All you need is a set of dumbbells and you are good to go! You can do it at home, at a park, at the gym, wherever you like!


30/3 Push & Pull Workout

1. Complete exercise 1 for 30 seconds

Take only 5-10 seconds to transition to the alternating exercise

2. Then complete exercise 2 for 30 seconds

Follow the pair with a 30 second rest

3. Repeat each pair 3 times before moving on to the next set.

**Extra challenge option - complete each pair 4 times before moving on to the next set!

1. Push Ups 2. Bent Over Row

1. Squat Thruster 2. Back Fly

1. Bridge 2. V sit & twist

1. Push Up 2. Bent Over Row

1. Squat Thruster 2. Back Fly

1. Bridge 2. V sit & twist

Exercise Notes:

  1. Push up – do an incline push up (hands on a bench, table, couch etc.) if you can’t do a full push up yet

  2. Bent over row – knees bent slightly and ensure spine is in neutral position

  3. Squat thruster – squat down and then use the power of your legs to help push the weights overhead into a shoulder press

  4. Back fly – bent over bring arms to shoulder height and squeeze mid back as you exhale

  5. Bridge – feet flat on the ground and squeeze bum as your hips rise up

  6. V sit & twist – don’t let your low back round, keep chest proud and lower body stable as your torso twists.

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Bio: Marisa Moody is a registered Personal Trainer located in Vancouver, BC. She offers 1:1 training, small group class as well as online training to clients around the world. She is passionate about living an active, healthy lifestyle and hosts Health Retreats on the BC coast as well as Mexico!

Instragram: @marisajaninemoody