Who doesn't want to rock that perfect beach look without feeling conscious about body cellulite? Our special style edit features all

the bathing suit to provide you with tummy control, support, and slimming magic.


These specialized bathing suits are made with power mesh fabric.

Powermesh is an incredible fabric that has the strength to slim you down and hold you in. It is an extremely strong but gentle fabric that will shape, smooth, and sculpt your body. 

These magical tummy control swimsuits have the power to gently re-shape your curves and smooth out the edges without feeling itchy against your body

Black Slimming Swimsuit to Slender your Body


When you are selecting your bathing suit, opt more for black or a dark, solid pattern. This color works great to slim and trim out the fat bulge 

High Waisted Bikinis to Make You Look Slim

High waisted bikinis work best for women who have an hourglass, apple, or pear-shaped bodies. No matter how your curves play out, whether, in your hips or bust, this is the perfect style for toning your body.