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How to Find The Best Swimsuit for My Body Type

Sometimes it's difficult to know what styles are the most flattering for your shape. The good news is that there are swimsuits that can complement ANY body type.

The most important thing to realize is that you definitely can, rock any bikini or one piece swimsuit!

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The key thing to keep in mind is:

How does the swimsuit make you feel?

If you feel self-conscious while wearing it, it completely defeats the purpose. A swimsuit is something you wear when you are out to relax and have fun. If the thought of wearing a swimsuit elevates your anxiety, then you haven't found the right one yet.

Finding the best swimsuit for your body type isn't complex. Although it can take time to find the most flattering fit and style. No matter how we're built, we all have a few areas we’re not completely thrilled with.

There are areas we've marked with caution tape in our own minds that we would prefer not to highlight. It will be different for each of us. You will have to do a bit of self-assessment to figure out what’s right for you.


for finding the best swimsuit for your body type

- to de-emphasize a feature, use solid, darker colors

- to create the illusion of a larger bust, use ruffles or frills that create emphasis on that area

- to emphasize a feature, use bright colors or patterns

- for medium to dark complexion skin, consider wearing bright colors. Bright colors on a dark complexion don’t run the risk of looking washed out

- to create an illusion of less volume, select swimsuits that use ruching or paneling. These have the ability to disguise larger areas

- to highlight a fair or pale complexion, use dark rich tones that contrast with your skin tone

- to broaden an area, use horizontal stripes or big, bold prints and patterns

- to make your legs look longer, choose a swimsuit with high cut leg openings

Of utmost importance, always choose a bathing suit based on its purpose. You wouldn't want to wear an Olympic competition swimsuit to a Las Vegas pool party!

Research some popular swimsuit designers. This way you can find a swimsuit for your body type that matches your personal style and purpose.


All women have different body types. Various factors contribute to your body shape. Bust size, hip-width or shoulders, for example, can be broad or narrow.

The first thing you want to determine is this - what IS my body type?

There are four major body types - Hourglass, Apple, Pear, and Athletic.

Hourglass Body Type

Your body type has a well-defined waist and your shoulders and hips are similar in width. Society considers this body type sexy, but it can be hard to dress it well.

Hourglass Body Shape Illustration | Sun Vixen Swimwear
Hourglass Body Shape

Tips to find the best swimsuit for an hourglass shape:

1. Avoid wearing mismatched tops and bottoms. This can make an hourglass body look disproportional

2. Color blocking is a great way to accent your curves

3. Underwire swimsuits can offer support for the chest

4. High cut leg swimsuits will lengthen your legs

5. An asymmetrical bathing suit will keep the eyes focused upward

Apple Body Type

Your body type has shoulders and hips that are about the same width. You have both a full bust and a rounded stomach. For this body type, look for a swimsuit that draws the eye away from the midsection to focus on other areas of your body. This will help you to create a balanced look

Apple Body Shape Illustration | Sun Vixen Swimwear
Apple Body Shape

Tips to find the best swimsuit for an apple body shape:

1. Look for plain tops with wider shoulder straps. Thin straps can make your shoulders look bigger. Match with patterned bottoms

2. A one piece swimsuit or tankini works very well with this body type

3. Consider wearing a high waisted swimsuit

4. If you worry about your midsection, there are swimsuits made for tummy control

5. Choose swimsuits with high cut legs, bust ruffles or chevron stripes. These are all great ways to highlight your favorite features

Pear Body Type

Your body type has wider hips than shoulders. To balance proportions, choose styles that draw attention above the waistline. This keeps the focus on the top half of the body.

Pear Body Shape Illustration | Sun Vixen Swimwear
Pear Body Shape

Tips to find the best swimsuit for a pear body shape:

1. Avoid boy shorts and busy prints

2. Ruffles worn above the waistline can add balance to a pear shape

3. Consider light printed tops with solid, dark bottoms. This will draw attention to the upper body and make the lower body appear smaller

4. A one piece swimsuit with side cut outs will create an hourglass illusion

5. Diagonal lines are another great way to create balanced proportions

Athletic Body Type

Athletic bodies are roughly the same width from shoulders to hips and through the torso. Shopping for an athletic body type sounds easy peasy, right? Think again. Sometimes it's difficult to find a swimsuit that creates curves in places where they don’t exist.

Athletic Body Shape Illustration | Sun Vixen Swimwear
Athletic Body Shape

Tips to find the best swimsuit for athletic body shape:

1. Look for a swimsuit with frills, embellishments or gathered fabric. This will create the illusion of curves

2. Avoid simple bandeau tops, which can flatten out your curves. Ruffled bandeau tops are the way to go

3. A monokini looks great on a small bust with an athletic lower body. Again, it creates the illusion of curves

4. Color blocking and vertical stripes will create balance

5. Swimwear with cutouts will create the illusion of an hourglass figure

6. Bikinis with ties on top and bottoms can create the look of wider hips and a larger bust

7. Cheeky bikini bottoms can help emphasize a smaller athletic backside

If you're still feeling as though your body doesn’t quite fit into any of these categories, no worries. Get in touch with us! We're happy to assist you in finding the perfect swimsuit for your body type. We've made the process super simple.

1. We offer complimentary, one on one styling services

2. Returns are easy. You won't feel stuck with it if it's not the right one

3. Try on in the comfort of your own home

You deserve to have a swimsuit worthy of you. Get in touch!

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