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Best Swimsuits for Apple Shape - Find Your Perfect Style

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An Apple shape is characterized by larger shoulders and busts compared to hips

An apple shaped body is one where you have a large bust, and full midsection. One main characteristic is that you carry weight around your abdomen. An apple shaped body does not have a visible waistline.

A common question asked is - what swimsuit styles look best on an apple shape?

We break down the different styles of swimsuits and the ones in each category that complement apple shaped bodies.

1. Bikinis

Wear a bikini top that has your true cup size for a fuller chest. Pair this with high waist bikini bottoms that have power mesh for tummy control. This will smoothen and streamline your midsection.

2. Tankinis

Find supportive tankinis made for larger chests that give you structure and support. Ideally, it will have power mesh and ruching on the bodice to smooth and disguise body imperfections.

A tankini top with panelled sides breaks up the fullness of a round midsection making the frame appear narrower. Pair with tummy control bikini bottoms for an even and sleek bottom half of your body

3. One-piece Swimsuits

Scope out one-piece swimsuits with power mesh fabric designed for larger chests.

Shop one piece swimsuits by your cup size and choose slimming or tummy control options for a figure-flattering look. Prints, patterns, ruching, and panels work well to minimize the look of the midsection.

When shopping for swimsuits for an apple-shaped body look for these elements:

Swimsuits for Large Bust

  • Wear bikinis, one piece, and tankinis with power mesh to provide 360-degree support. Side boning for the chest helps to keep the chest forward and minimize any underarm bulge.

  • Look for swimsuits that have adjustable straps that can be crisscrossed to provide additional support for the bust. Swimsuits designed for women with cups sizes DD, E, and F and larger would suit you well.

  • Swimwear with underwire and moulded, structured cups provide shape and support for a larger chest

Swimsuits to Hide Belly or Slimming Swimsuits

Look for tummy control high waist bikinis, tankinis, and one piece swimsuits with power mesh compression fabric. This helps smooth, tone, and slim the midsection for a flattering look.

You may prefer to leave your belly exposed with an apple shape. Shop for bikini styles that you're drawn to. Only you know what swimsuits look and feel best on your body.

Here are some key points to keep in mind when you are shopping for bathing suits for an apple-shaped body:

  • Dark colors like black and navy can make a larger body part appear smaller. Match a colorful top with a dark monotone bottom to draw attention away from your waistline.

  • High waisted bikini bottoms with power mesh give you tummy control by flattening and smoothening the belly.

  • Patterns mixed with panels break up the look of fullness from a single print or pattern. Consider swimsuits with a mix of panels in complementary prints to give the body a balanced look

  • Swimsuits with a very deep neckline will elongate your body and make your bust more prominent. This draws the eye up and down versus noticing the overall shape of one’s body.

Remember: Self-confidence is the greatest gift you can give yourself. When you feel great on the inside, it radiates outwards. Your choice of swimsuits is up to you so choose whatever makes you happy and don't worry about the opinions of others.

If you'd like tailored style advice about what swimsuits would look best on you, we're here to help. Get in touch with our style consultant anytime.

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Do you have any tips for an apple shaped body that we missed? Tag us and let us know @sunvixenswimwear and we'll add them to the list to help others.