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Nimrit Sandhu is a Personal and Editorial Stylist. She has a degree in Fashion and Lifestyle Technology and a Diploma in Fashion Marketing. Nimrit has worked under celebrity designer Anju Modi. Her editorial styling work has been featured in Vancouver Fashion Festival Runway show. She has been showcased in both Rise and Elegant magazines. Nimrit's work can also be found on many social media platforms.


A Note From Nimrit:


Since starting at Sun Vixen Swimwear, I've realized some things. It's become clear to me that women are very conscious about their bodies. They know their flaws well and they're always looking for ways to hide them. Observing women's' mindsets, I realized this: It’s not that women don’t love their bodies. They only want to look their best. For me, this is the true meaning of loving oneself.


It's All About You

You can wear what you want, but there are certain things that make you feel more powerful. You can find your true identity in the clothes you wear. Clothes can boost your confidence and make you feel beautiful and exuberant.


When I style my clients, my goal is to elevate their existing sense of well-being. By inspiring them to try new things there's the possibility of seeing themselves in a new light. I know it can be difficult for us ladies to completely change our style. It's important to me that my clients never feel uncomfortable. Usually, it's some minor tweaks and some fresh ideas to inspire what you already have. There's no need to change who you are at the core.


The Process is Simple

I talk to you first to understand who you are. This helps me visualize your core aesthetic. Then, as part of the process, I style up to five head-to-toe looks by also using pieces from your own wardrobe. I like to reuse the pieces you already have. My belief is that you don’t need to buy new things every time you go out for a special occasion.


As your personal stylist, I can help you find the best version of yourself. I look forward to hearing from you!

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