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To determine your size, measure around the body at 6 key points using a fabric measuring tape or piece of string. Hold the tape or string securely to the body for accurate measurements. This is best done wearing minimal clothing.

BUST – Measure around the fullest part of your bust while wearing a bra that is not padded

bust 1.jpeg
bust 2.jpeg
bust 3.jpeg

UNDERBUST – Measure your body directly underneath your bust

underbust 1.jpeg
underbust 2.jpeg

WAIST – Measure around your waist at the smallest part. This is where your torso naturally bends to the side

waist 1.jpeg
waist 2.jpeg

HIGH HIP – Measure around the tummy at it’s fullest point which should align with your hip bone

upper hip 3.jpeg

LOW HIP – Measure at the widest part of your lower hip area to include the fullest part of your backside

lower hip 2.jpeg

VERTICAL TRUNK – Hold the tape on the front of your shoulder.  Run the measuring tape through your legs and back up around the shoulder

torso 1.jpeg
torso 2.jpeg
torso 3.jpeg


artesands size chart.jpg

* Note: Bust measurement given is for D/DD/E cup size. This measurement may be bigger or smaller depending on your cup size. See below chart for cup sizing



Usually, your cup size will be the same as the bra you’re wearing.  If you’d like to check your cup sizing, you can take your BUST measurement and subtract your UNDERBUST measurement. The size chart below will guide you to the correct cup size.

artesands fit guide for bust.jpg

If you are unsure of your sizing or need assistance, please email customer service at or call 1.800.898.4831

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