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6 Amazing Picnic Companies in the USA and Canada

During the pandemic, the demand for outdoor events started climbing. One popular service that benefitted was beach picnics. What better way to get together with a group of friends while following restrictions? As such, many picnic companies popped up in 2020 and have been successful ever since. Others that had been around for a while before COVID, started booming too. We researched some unique ones and compiled them into a list for you.

1.Pop Up Picnic

Pop up Picnic was created in 2012 as a way to celebrate Valentine’s Day, by it's founder Lauren Kimmons. It's based in San Diego, California. It offers innovative picnic experiences with food that's sourced from local vendors.

One example of a package is :

‘Gather’- These packages are a reason to gather with your loved ones for Thanksgiving and Christmas season. They run from November 1- December 23 and are called 'Thanks Collection' and 'Winter Collection' respectively.

loved ones gathering for a luxury picnic by and posted on sun vixen swimwear a designer swimsuit company
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Other themes include creating your own ‘Original’ theme, Boho, Party time, Bridal packages, Special occasions and Work themed picnics.

2. ByJoi Events Group

ByJoi Events Group was founded in 2018 by Barbra-Joi. She started luxury popup picnics in Toronto called ‘Picnics in the 6ix’ in May 2020. They focus on foods served family style such as graze platters, brunch, seafood broils, afternoon tea and Jamaican cuisine.

One example of a package is:

‘Picnic for two’ - This is a luxury and intimate picnic with someone special. It includes a floral tablescape with an umbrella, rugs, cushions, custom message board, water and accent décor. It even includes a complimentary bottle of wine from the owner. Food items are available for an additional cost.

a couple enjoying a luxury picnic from and posted sun vixen swimwear a luxury swimsuit company
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Other themes include proposals, group picnics and ‘Style guide’ which lets you design your own picnic with pictures from one of its previous picnics or inspiration of your own.

3. The Beach Picnic Company

The beach picnic company was founded by 23-year-old West Coast Native, Madison Smetana. She started out by hosting picnics for friends and family and decided to turn her passion into a business. She operates in California, in Orange County and certain areas in Los Angeles. She loves curating new and visually pleasing ways to enjoy the simple things in life.

One example of a package is:

‘Duffy rides’ - Why be limited only to the beach? Cruise down the bay in a small electric boat while gathered with your friends. Their website does not give too many details about this option. But its picnics offer 2 hours of picnic experience with sparkling waters and soft drinks, a berries and cheese plate. It also includes rugs and pillows, fresh floral arrangement. You can add extras such as a balloon garland, a peacock chair, a photographer etcetera.

a luxury duffy ride by and posted on sun vixen swimwear a luxury swimsuit company
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Other themes include Brand Launches, Beach Picnics, Engagements, Kids Parties, Micro Weddings and California picnics by the sea (Laguna Beach, Huntington Beach, Newport Beach, Dana Point, Santa Monica and Malibu)

4. Picnic ‘N chill

During the pandemic, Jocelyn Choo and Coco Chan started their luxury picnic business in the Bay Area, California . It picked up traction after going viral on TikTok and were even featured in a CNBC Make it Series video. They have been very successful with their business, planning up to 60 picnics monthly.

One example of a package is:

‘Picnic ‘n Chill’- This package offers a custom-made mini picnic table with a candle setting, flatware, a customized letter board, flower arrangement and blankets/assorted pillows. Additional add ons included a Bluetooth speaker, game of choice, small tent etcetera.

a luxury picnic by and posted on sun vixen swimwear a designer swimsuit company
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Other themes inlcude ‘The First Date’, ‘Grandeur’, ‘Flix ‘N Chill’, and ‘Photo Op’.

5. Gypsy Chix Picnics

Kristy Lockhart is the founder of Gypsy Chix Picnics. She serves the Okanagan Valley, British Columbia. She spent over 20+ years collecting treasures from all over the world. She created this business because she wanted to combine her love of food, wine, Okanagan nature, beautiful nature and socializing all together. Packages from 2 all the way to 32 people

One example of a package is:

‘Heli Picnic Package’- This includes a helicopter ride to a secret location, 1.5-hour Gypsy Chix Gourmet Graze Experience, sparkling water, a bottle of wine, a low table, rugs, pillows, vintage treasure, dried florals or greenery and a fresh floral bouquet.

a luxury picnic by and posted on sun vixen swimwear a designer swimsuit company
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Other packages include Silver Package, Gold Package, and Platinum Package with locations such as Wineries and vineyards, parks and beaches, and the comfort of your home to choose from.

6.Pretty Little Daydreams

Hoping to plan a picnic with a large group pf people? This company is perfect for that. They offer picnics for groups large as 37 people! Pretty Little Daydreams offers indoor events from November to April. They offer luxury picnics for adults, teens and even kids. They are located in Grand Rapids Michigan and only serve that area.

One example of a package is:

‘Lounge area’- This is a combination of a sleepover and a picnic. It accommodates 6-11 people laying down. The package includes foam beds with sheets, assorted rugs, decorative pillows, throw blankets, a low picnic table with table runner, floral arrangement and centerpiece items.

a luxury picnic by and posted on sun vixen swimwear a designer swimsuit company
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Other packages include Kids/teen/Adult parties, sleepover tents, sleepover canopies, spa parties, picnic parties, bell tents (spring 2022) and workshop areas (coming soon).

These luxury beach picnics are perfect for gatherings small or large. It’s a fun experience and we definitely recommend trying it out at least once. You can book a picnic for a special ocassion like a micro wedding or simple date with your significant other. Lots of companies are coming up with unique themed packages such as spa parties or flix ‘n chill.

Let us know if you’ve ever been to a beach picnic and what your experience was like.

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