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Behind the brands: Focus on Maylana swimwear

In my 2018 year-end message, I discussed how I conduct a lot of research to hand-pick the swimwear, coverups and accessories that Sun Vixen offers.

One of the swimwear brands that I am proud of carrying is Maylana, which was launched by Mayra Jimenez and Ivan Rincon following years of operating a swimwear ecommerce website.

Besides being fashionable, the Maylana line provides exceptional function and value by offering a series of reversible swimwear.

I had an opportunity recently to learn more about the line from Mayra that I hope you find just as fascinating as I did.

Inspiration for label

Maylana swimwear founding family
(left to right): Mila, Mayra, Ivan and Arianna

“The brand grew out of a deep desire to fill a void in the market for quality designer swim at fair prices,” Mayra explained. “During our years as swimwear website owners, we received feedback from customers who were looking for designer swimwear that was both versatile and longlasting.

“The label’s name is a play on my name (MAY) mixed with our twin daughters’ names – Mila (LA) and Arianna (NA). The name gives way to a legacy that I would like to hand over to our offspring one day should they be interested in succeeding us.”

Attention to detail – Exceptional value

When you purchase Maylana swimwear, you can be confident that quality is just as important a consideration as design.

“There is great pride in what we do,” Mayra said. “Every seam, every pattern, every thread is overseen and approved by Ivan and I. You can create fashionable items that are also functional, comfortable and longlasting. You don’t have to compromise quality to create chic, sophisticated swimwear.”

Just as important is value.

“Designer swimwear customers are savvy,” Mayra observed. “They want a premium item but they also want to get the biggest bang for their buck. So, that’s where the reversible idea came in. Today, every Maylana print reverses to a solid color, allowing customers to get two looks for the price of one.”

Creative process

“Inspiration can come in the middle of the night – quickly and passionately – and an item can be created in record time. Or, it can take months to get something right,” Mayra explained. “We can get meticulous with things that look simple but are actually complicated. There are also ideas that never enter production because we simply didn’t feel the samples that came out had the right fit or construction.”

Mayra added that input from customers over the years has helped shape the line.

“Art is important, but usability is just as important. Hearing feedback from customers on different brands over the years helped me approach design from a business perspective as well. We always think about what the customer needs/wants as well as what would be fashionable.”

Mayra noted that Ivan also has a key role in determining the swimwear that is offered to the public.

“Ivan will analyze data and then tell you what would make sense statistically for any collection,” she said. “At that point, we have conversations on what has the potential to sell well and also how we will continue to innovate and grow the brand.”

Link to roots – and Shakira!

Mayra noted that all items from the Maylana swimwear line are manufactured in Barranquilla, Colombia which is a birthplace they both share with singer Shakira.

“We were raised there until our late teens in the coastal cities of Colombia so it was natural for us to source our production facility there,” Mayra said. “The Colombia textile and manufacturing production – especially when it comes to swimwear and lingerie – is excellent as evidenced by the numerous Colombian brands leading the designer swimwear market in the United States.”

Designer’s choice

Asked to pick one of her favourites from the Maylana line, Mayra selected the Stasia one-piece.

“I have seen a size small as well as a plus size woman wear this piece and be thrilled with how it looks,” she said. “It’s one of those versatile silhouettes that allows you to adjust your cleavage and fit via the back corset. The reversible function flatters any imperfections and prevents the fabric from cutting into the skin. It’s easy to wear and very cool as an outfit piece.”

The fact that the Stasia one-piece swimsuit and other items from the Maylana line are available on Sun Vixen’s website gives Mayra great joy.

“We are honored that you (Sun Vixen founder Opal Hurteau) believed in our brand vision and decided to add Maylana to your repertoire,” Mayra said. “I think gratitude is one of the most important things any designer – at any point in their growth process – can have. We appreciate your support – and the support of your customers.”

Exciting future ahead

Mayra revealed that the Spring 2019 collection of the Maylana line will be launching shortly and will be even more functional and fashionable.

“It’s going to feature matching family options,” she disclosed. “You will be able to match with your husband, daughter or son, without losing style or compromising functionality.

“In our utopia, mothers are fashionable, youthful and magnetic. Men are open-minded gentlemen who are good partners. And kids are sand-loving, free souls. We wander together, through our experiences, vacations, getaways and life.”

Sounds like utopia to me.

To see the full line that we offer, just type in “Maylana” using our search function.