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Best Swimwear for Sagging Breasts – A Complete Guide

This blog will provide you with a bunch of useful tips and tricks you probably don't know about to help you choose the right swimsuit for sagging breasts.

If you'd rather start shopping now, here's a great collection of swimwear for sagging busts. To learn more, read this comprehensive blog first. There's another link to the collection at the end.

Everyone knows aging is a part of life. For women, as we get older, so does our skin. This is especially true for breast tissue, causing noticeable sagginess. Even though it's completely normal, it can create challenges with your normal wardrobe routine and even how you feel about your body.

The three main causes for a sagging chest:

  1. As you grow older, your estrogen levels decrease which causes changes in your breast tissue. Aging can cause loss of volume. This can make your breasts droop rather than be perky.

  2. Changes when you lose or gain weight. Weight fluctuation can cause breast tissue to stretch or contract. Over time your skin loses its elasticity and gravity wins.

  3. Sagging breasts after children is common. Skin ligaments stretch as your breasts get heavier during pregnancy. There are many changes that happen to your body when you are pregnant, and not everything goes back to the way it was originally.

Because of these challenges, some women elect to have surgery. The other option is to accept, love, and embrace your body the way it is.

Without surgery, there are some really amazing tips and tricks to help you with a sagging chest. The main ideas here can also be used to help guide you in the purchase of undergarments because they're universally useful.

A sagging chest creates the need for good quality swimwear that does double duty and works like a bra to lift and support.

We've put together a list of 10 swimwear features and tips that can help you find the best swimsuits for sagging breasts. If your bathing suit contains one or more of these features, it can provide the support you need to keep the chest in place and looking perky.

Here's the list:

1. Structured or molded cups - Molded cups are created in the shape of a perky, lifted chest. This allows you to place your breast tissue into the cups so they take the same shape and create a smooth, round finish. They're usually made of sturdy, structured foam and work well to lift your breasts and shape them into a sexy, feminine silhouette

2. Bra-like fit and ability to shop by cup size - This is especially helpful if you have a larger bust and require more support. The ability to buy swimsuits by cup size means you can use your bra cup size to get the perfect fit.

3. Adjustable back straps Many cup size swimsuits also have an adjustable back strap. What better feeling than wearing a high-quality bikini top that fits like your favorite bra? Choose the back setting that's perfect for you for a customized fit like your best bra.

4. Underwire cups - To get a lifted, supported look that stays in place, an underwire is vital, especially for a heavier sagging chest. Underwire comes in many bikinis, tankinis, and one piece swimsuits. Often underwire is hidden for a traditional swimsuit look. For an edgy, provocative look shop swimsuits without hidden underwires such as a bustier bikini top style.

5. Adjustable and convertible shoulder strapsThe ability to adjust and wear the straps in different ways to suit your needs is amazing. Cris-crossing the shoulder straps are the best way to add an extra level of support to a sagging bust.

6. Side boningA vertical piece placed under the arms on the side of each breast. Side boning keeps the chest forward for a perky, lifted look. This creates a flattering, youthful look. Side boning also smooths the back wing to lessen underarm bulge.

7. Wide shoulder strapsTo more evenly distribute the weight of a sagging heavy chest on the shoulders and prevent digging in. Wide shoulder straps add extra support for a comfortable fit.

8. Compression fabric - A good quality shape wear swimsuit can keep the chest in place, lifted, and hugged close to the body. This can be the single most powerful and only feature you need for a sagging chest, even a heavier one.

Shop the best quality compression swimsuits if you choose this option. You'll get a traditional, minimalist swimsuit look and a silhouette that can make you look 20 years younger

9. Lift breast tissue into each cup - This is the most important step to remember when trying on your swimsuit for a sagging chest. It's important because if your chest tissue is not completely inside the cup, above the underwire, and in front of the side boning, how can these features help you?

The answer is, they can't. The swimsuit will feel and look like it doesn't fit if you miss this last step. Here's what to do:

  1. Put your supportive swimsuit or bikini top on

  2. Bend at the waist until your upper torso is parallel with the floor

  3. Reach into your swimsuit with your right hand and place the left breast into the left cup of the swimsuit, above the underwire, or at a comfortable place mid-chest if wearing a compression swimsuit

  4. Do the same with the right breast. Reach in with your left hand and place the right breast into the right cup or at a comfortable spot if you choose a swimsuit without cups

  5. Then stand up

  6. Your chest should look and feel well supported

  7. If you're wearing a bikini top, the band around the back should look parallel to the floor and not be riding up

10. Choose a good quality swimsuit - This may sound obvious, but quality materials not only last longer, but they look better. When you're looking for support, you really can notice the difference when you choose a quality swimsuit.

So make sure you look for swimwear brands that have a good reputation for quality and have supportive design elements.

Swimsuits from top swimwear brands Sea Level Australia, Miraclesuit, and Artesands are created to help with issues like a sagging chest or a larger bust that needs support. They are undoubtedly the best swimwear for a sagging bust.

These designer swimwear brands even offer cup-size swimsuits from A cup all the way to G cup and are a perfect option for plus size swimwear with built-in bras or high-end compression swimwear. They also have many other benefits such as minimizing the look of a belly.

Remember: Self-confidence is the greatest gift you can give yourself. When you feel great on the inside, it radiates outwards. Your choice of swimsuits is up to you so choose whatever makes you happy and don't worry about the opinions of others.

If you're looking for tailored advice or a more personalized shopping experience to help you find what you need, get in touch with our style consultant. It's free