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Canadian Summer Vacation Spots - The Top 5 You Probably Don’t Know About

Ever wanted to visit some hidden gems in Canada but don't know where to start?

Well, look no further. This is the perfect guide to finding some of the most magnificent but underrated spots in Canada.

With Canada having all four seasons, summer is the only time everyone gets to enjoy the outdoors comfortably. Warm weather is the perfect time to explore all the little nooks that Canada has to offer.

Canada is a land of enormous mass. In terms of total area, Canada is the second largest in the world with 9,984,670 km². Therefore, there are bound to be places that most of us have not yet had the chance of visiting.

Read below to find out the top 5 Canadian vacation spots you probably don’t know about (because they haven’t been discovered yet).

1) Inconnu Lodge, Yukon Territory

Inconnu Lodge Yukon Territory Canadian Summer Vacation Spots Sun Vixen Swimwear
View of Inconnu Lodge, Yukon Territory | Photo: Expedia

Inconnu lodge in the Yukon territory is the best Canadian all-inclusive resort in the northwest territories. It is perfect for an outdoorsy yet secluded vacation. The amenities on their website boast fishing, canoeing, kayaking, boat tours, motorboating, saunas and spa tubs. What more could you ask for?

Why you need to go: The lodge is so remote within the mountains that you need to fly in to reach it. This lodge makes you feel secluded with only 10 rooms available. All à la carte meals, snacks, and non-alcoholic beverages are included in the price you pay for your stay.

2) Sleeping Giant, Ontario

Sleeping Giant Ontario Canadian Summer Vacation Spots Sun Vixen Swimwear
View of Sleeping Giant, Ontario | Photo:

The sleeping giant on the Sibley Peninsula is one of the best places to visit in Ontario. So why is it called the sleeping giant? Well, it’s a series of plateaus or flat plains that resemble a giant or a very large person laying on their back.

Why you need to go: The area is covered with thick trees and clear blue water. This area makes the perfect vacation spot. It has hundreds of kilometers of hiking trails and campsites that you can explore while in the area. It has incredible views throughout the park.

3) Sombrio Beach, British Columbia

Sombrio Beach British Columbia Canadian Summer Vacation Spots Sun Vixen Swimwear
View of Sombrio Beach, British Columbia | Photo: Jay Cloud,

Sombrio beach is one of the best beaches and places to visit in Vancouver. Yet, it is severely underrated due to the harsh terrain and off roads it takes to get to the beach. It is a great spot for surfers because of the luscious waves.

Why you need to go: There is sand and trees everywhere makes this beach a cozy spot for a relaxing day. There is a hidden waterfall that very few people know about. Campers also love this spot due to the surroundings and the very few people who visit the beach.

4) 100 Wild Islands, Nova Scotia

100 Wild Islands Nova Scotia Canadian Summer Vacation Spots  Sun Vixen Swimwear
View of 100 Wild Islands Nova Scotia | Photo: Nick Hawkins

The 100 wild islands are an astounding archipelago located in Eastern Shore, Nova Scotia. It covers over 250 kilometers of shoreline. It has a unique combination of bogs, boreal rainforests, swamplands and over a 100 species of birds. I’m surprised it’s not known as one of the best beaches in Canada.

Why you need to go: This location is ideal for kayaking with each individual shoreline covered with white sand. These stunning islands will make you think you are in the Caribbean. Explore the many hidden locations within this one-of-a-kind island cluster.

5) Little Manitou Lake, Saskatchewan

Little Manitou Lake Saskatchewan Canadian Summer Vacation Spots Sun Vixen Swimwear
View of Little Manitou Lake Saskatchewan | Photo: flash809, trip advisor

Little Manitou Lake is a small saltwater lake located in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. It is a natural salt and mineral lake. It is said to offer a variety of therapeutic healing properties for your skin and body that are completely natural. This gem is fed by spring and groundwater.

Why you need to go: This lake is located in a small and quaint town that is full of positive vibes and healing energies. There are numerous small shops such as art galleries, gift shops and restaurants owned by the welcoming locals.

In conclusion, these spots have few but great reviews and are perfect for exploring all parts of Canada. In fact, if you go to each place, you would have visited all 5 regions of the country. These are just some of the unique and exquisite places to visit for your Canadian summer vacation.

Don’t forget to pack lots of sunscreen and your favorite designer swimsuits from Sun Vixen Swimwear. Let us know if you have visited them, plan to or how you heard about them.


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