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Why Would Anyone Waste Money on a Designer Swimsuit?

Nimrit answers the question why to buy designer swimwear online Canada
Nimrit Sandhu | Personal Stylist

I could never understand it. Why would anyone bother buying designer swimwear? From my point of view, they were expensive, overpriced, and seemed like a waste of money.

Was there something I was missing? Was there a reason people were buying designer swimsuits? What is the real difference?

Is a Designer Swimsuit worth it?

I had a lot of questions on my mind.

I’m Nimrit, Marketing Coordinator and a Fashion Stylist at Sun Vixen Swimwear.

How many times a year does someone wear a bathing suit — 14, 18, at the most?

And If you’re an average person like me — whose hometown was far away from beaches with no easy access to a pool -- the number is likely less.

So in my mind, to consider buying an expensive swimsuit seemed impractical. It was far more satisfying to save my money and buy cheap swimsuits for my trips to the beach every year.

So, what's wrong with cheap bathing suits?

Why wouldn't you buy a swimsuit from Zara or H&M? It looks trendy and you can buy a new one every year. Sounds more practical right!?

The problem with cheap swimsuits

Swimsuit by Zara, looks cute only in pictures

It was always there, but it took me a while to discover it.

The first time I tried on a swimsuit was when I was 17. It was from H&M and cost me something like $25 on sale. It was a polka dot one piece bathing suit with a high cut leg.

It appeared to be cute when I saw it in the pictures but it was not at all flattering on my body.

The reason I purchased it anyhow was that I felt the problem was my body, not the swimsuit. I knew I was far from looking like any Victoria’s Secret model.

I felt like I needed to change myself. I thought I needed to change to be good enough for the swimsuit.

I lost 40 lbs to look good in a Bathing Suit

It was 2019 when I turned 22 that I lost around 40 lbs. It was strange, but I still had the same bathing-suit-related problems. No matter what size I was, every swimsuit I bought kept pulling and wedging.

The most embarrassing experience at the beach was my bikini bottoms creeping up my backside. It was awkward to keep picking at it all the time while strangers looked at me as if I was itching my butt.

That's when I gave up on wearing swimsuits.

There's nothing worse than feeling that your body is not good enough to wear a swimsuit. I know a lot of beautiful ladies have felt the same. It feels like your body is not made for certain types of clothing.

I've even seen women wearing shorts and a t-shirt to go swimming because they are not comfortable in a bathing suit.

How would you know unless you give it a try?

Well, it might sound crazy but I believed a designer swimsuit was expensive because of its “designer label”. And I didn't think it could change how a person would look or feel in a swimsuit.

Call it a coincidence or a fate I landed the role of marketing coordinator at designer swimwear retail company Sun Vixen Swimwear. That’s when I learned the cost of a designer swimsuit.

In the beginning, the price point of those gorgeous bathing suits would make my heart sink. I was just a college intern with part-time earnings. I would never be able to afford one for myself.

Nevertheless, I was still curious about trying one on but not yet convinced it was worth the money.

One Fateful Day Changed Me Forever

One day I accompanied my boss to a consultation with a beautiful client.

She had an average body size. Like any woman, she was insecure about her tummy and butt area. I was awestruck when she tried on a Red Swimsuit with power mesh. I could not believe how beautifully a piece of clothing could accentuate and tone the curves.

It was so satisfying to see her happy and love her body a little more than before.


That was the feeling I was craving too. For all of these years. I wanted to feel good about my body the way that client felt about hers in that red swimsuit.

That's when I took the plunge. I finally tried on a designer bathing suit for the first time.

I will never forget it. It was the day when I started truly loving my body. I was amazed. Everything looked great. My chest looked perkier, the cut of the swimsuit flattered my waist, the high-cut legs accentuated my backside. It was like I could no longer see of all my body cellulite too. The swimsuit was so beautiful that my problem areas were barely noticeable anymore.

After that day, there was no turning back to cheap swimsuits for me. When I look back I regret wasting all that money on cheap swimsuits over the years.

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Choose Quality over Quantity

Quality over Quantity

Quality does matter. Especially with a swimsuit, where you only have a small portion of your body covered. So it's important that you get it right. One small imperfection in the swimsuit can lead to a big embarrassment.

That's why I believe it's more practical to buy one great swimsuit that's durable. It will actually cost less in the long run.

And the peace of mind and comfort you feel is something you can't put a price on.

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Happy Beach Bums

Now I can finally enjoy the beach because I don't have to worry about fixing and adjusting a cheap swimsuit.

No more embarrassing pulling and picking in front of strangers. That sense of wellbeing makes a designer swimsuit worth the price.


I finally realized, everyone's body is a bikini body ― but not every bikini is worthy of being on our bodies. Our bodies deserve to be clothed in nice things. Our bodies are worth spending money on. Every woman is worthy of loving herself and looking her best.

Sun vixen swimwear promotes body positivity and empowers women of all sizes
Author Unknown

No matter what size you are, a swimsuit is something very personal. It’s much more important than any other clothing item we wear.

I understand that body insecurity is something a lot of women struggle with because I have been through that myself.

It's a serious problem. It affects our self-confidence. The truth is women are blessed with amazing bodies. We deserve the best.

Even if today isn't the day, I hope like me, one day you will try a designer swimsuit on. And just see...

It made a world of difference for me. You may be pleasantly surprised too.

"Is Your Swimwear Worthy of You?"