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Swimwear Trends 2021

Looking for the latest in 2021 swimwear trends? Here's the list of the season's top looks so you can hit the beach in style.

1. Tummy Toning Swimsuits

With covid came added weight around the midsection for some. But that’s ok because swimsuits with power mesh are trending this summer. Lined with the same fabric that made Spanx famous, these swimsuits make you look 10-15 pounds slimmer - instantly.

If you don’t feel beach-ready yet, don’t worry. Belly smoothing, body shaping and entirely miraculous swimsuits come to the rescue this season.

Check out these cute tummy control one piece swimsuits.

High waisted bikinis for shaping swimwear are also a popular swimwear trend 2021. See this fashionable belted high waisted bikini also lined with magic power mesh fabric.

Not only will your belly look smaller, but the belted style draws the eye up to the waistline making the waist look extra tiny.

Don’t miss this style if you love to feel confident and want an overall luxurious vibe.

Tummy control swimwear isn’t synonymous with matronly swimwear meant for your grandparents either. Today’s belly control swimwear is fashionable, sophisticated, and worthy of all your friends admiring compliments.

2. Animal Print Swimwear

Need we say more? This trend never seems to go out of style. Leopard print swimsuits that look straight out of a music video.

Check out this version of Kylie Jenners one piece leopard print swimsuit in the WAP music video. Hot, hot, hot swimwear in animal print is a must if you’re feeling a little edgy this season.

Pair with faded cut-off jean shorts and cowboy boots for a head-turning festival look.

3. Skimpy Swimwear/Brazilian Bikinis

It seems like every top-tier Instagram influencer like Kylie Jenner & J-Lo is wearing this trend.

Get ahead of the curve and try this ultra-sexy look if you dare. Minimal coverage and barely-there bikinis are smokin’ hot and here to stay.

Not to worry if you choose a designer swimsuit in a skimpy swimsuit style because it’s fully lined and won’t become see-through. So stick with the top tier on this swimwear style or risk bearing more than the season's hottest trend.

4. Retro Swimsuits

Who can resist the feeling that brings you back to the glory days? Times when things somehow seemed so much easier and carefree.

Retro bikinis and vintage one piece swimsuit styles are back this season. Check out a couple of these trending retro swimsuit styles.

5. High Cut Leg Swimsuits

The only swimsuit style with the ability to make you look inches taller, instantly. See J-Lo on Instagram wearing a high cut leg one piece swimsuit like this one.

Reminiscent of Baywatch, a red one piece swimsuit with high cut leg is super sexy, yet sophisticated and minimalist. And for an easy trick to minimize your suitcase it’s great as a bodysuit too.

You'll also be styling in a high cut leg bikini. For a throw back to the 80’s wear this super sexy style in a two piece swimsuit and watch heads turn your way.

6. Shimmer Swimwear

An ode to a woman’s inner radiance – shimmer swimwear. When the sun shines on this fabric, it lights up. With all the attention on you, you’ll glow in the sun too.

Subtle, yet beautiful and far from gaudy or brash. This swimsuit trend is the perfect blend of designer swimwear style and high-end fabric. If you choose the right one, it also works well under a blazer for an evening look.

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