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Swimwear Trends 2023 - A simple guide for a trendy you

With the new year, comes hot new trends. Are you curious about what the latest swimwear trends for 2023 are? You’ve found the right place.

Read this blog and be in the know about the most trendy swimwear. Set yourself up to be the most glamorous bombshell when you take that luxurious vacation to the Caribbean or are lounging seaside in Italy.

Warm sun rays on your skin, amazing weather, a slight breeze, and the perfect on-trend swimsuit to top it off. This blog will break down the hottest swimsuit trends. From the most flattering styles that are trending on social media to elegant and unique ones, you might not have thought of.

Here are the 6 top swimwear trends of 2023.

1. Itsy Bitsy Bikinis

Trending on Instagram and all the best beaches and vacation hot spots are itsy bitsy bikinis. You can get this look by wearing any of these popular swimsuit styles:

Here are some examples of these unique styles-

Itsy bitsy bikini tops and bikini bottoms will have a sexy and seductive effect. This bold swimwear trend has been worn by celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Bella Hadid.

The trend continues to grow in popularity through Instagram and TikTok. It emboldens people to embrace their bodies and feel free to be who they are.

2. Long Sleeve Swimsuits

The top 2023 swimwear trends include long sleeve swimwear.

Here are the benefits:

  • Added UV protection

  • A sporty chic, classy swimwear look

  • Versatile for wearing to the beach, for sports, or sometimes as a bodysuit

  • Certain styles of one pieces have compression fabric to smooth and flatten a belly pooch

This trend gained a lot of traction in 2022 and will be very prominent in 2023. Not only does swimwear with long sleeves offer additional protection; it also offers a sporty and sophisticated look.

Long sleeve bikini crop tops fall into this category. They’re versatile because they can be worn as a top and they’re also very comfortable.

Perfect for a pick up game of beach volleyball or keeping you warm, dry, and stylish on a sea doo ride. A long sleeve bikini crop top can be worn for a sexy, upscale festival look.

3. Bold & Bright Colors & Patterns

This swimwear trend of 2023 is fast becoming one of the Instagram favorites because it’s aligned with the Barbiecore trend and dopamine-boosting trend. Both of these trends took off in 2022 and will grow in 2023.

Bold prints are perfect for disguising body imperfections

Barbiecore is one trend that will gain momentum in 2023. Bold and bright, especially pink, is a strong dopamine-boosting look. The mood-enhancing benefits are what makes this trend so popular.

Who doesn’t want to feel amazing? Why not look glamorous and stunning at the same time? This is exactly what high-end swimwear in the boldest brightest palettes can do for you and everyone else who sees you.

Work this trend into your swimwear wardrobe by choosing swimsuits with bold bright colors and eye-catching patterns. The benefits include looking hot in a swimsuit because the right patterns and colors can disguise a belly pooch and make you feel more confident from all the compliments you receive.

4. Cutouts

  • Includes Monokinis

  • Can have an elongating and slimming effect

  • Creates a feminine hourglass shape

  • Great transition from a bikini to one piece swimsuit because it offers less coverage than a one piece but is not as skimpy as a bikini

Swimwear with cutouts is perfect for highlighting different areas of the body. For example, side cutouts highlight the waistline giving it a slimmer-looking hourglass shape. Cutouts around the chest can have a bust-enhancing push-up effect.

5. Embellishments

One or more of these elements will have you looking trendy in 2023 swimwear:

Embellishments are a luxurious, elegant & glamorous look that helps you appear expensive.

Take your bathing suits one step above with embellishments such as sequins, beads, or tassels. These make your look exquisite without any extra work on your part. Why? Because most swimwear doesn’t usually have them. This makes swimsuits that do have them, extra trendy and chic.

6. Metallics

  • Anything with a shimmer or shiny finish that glitters like gold, silver, bronze, or rhinestones

  • Metallics offer a stand-out look that shimmers and calls attention to you. Unique and one-of-a-kind

  • Creates a high-end designer look

  • Gives you an exclusive classy vibe

Shimmer and shine, you’ll look so divine. Show everyone all that glitters is gold (AKA YOU). The sun's rays will radiate on you and make your swimwear glisten. It’s a downright indicator of a high-quality designer bathing suit. You can also double it as a nightclub outfit with clothing that complements it.

Follow these swimwear trends and you will be a style icon worldwide. Any ideas on what other trends you think might pop up this year? Tag us on Instagram and let us know. @sunvixenswimwear.

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