Sustainable Sandals are here!  Fashion that feels good - completely recyclable and responsibly made in the USA.


  • designed by Third Oak
  • metallic finish
  • vegan
  • cruelty free
  • sturdy design
  • made with bio based material 45% soy by weight
  • 100% recyclable
  • made in the USA
  • allow 5-10 days for shipping


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Sandals Journey | Third Oak

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  • Why Third Oak?


    We believe simple decisions count. As third generation shoe makers, we are bringing our knowledge of the craft together with a mission to do things differently. 


    That's why we have created a new kind of company focused on creating perfectly simple sandals from our recyclable bio-based material.


    Experience the world with Third Oak, a shoe you can truly look good in and feel good about.


    We believe how it's made Matters



    Third Oak sandals are 100% recyclable unlike standard foam-flip flops, which are non-recyclable and end up polluting landfills or oceans.



    Our closed-loop recycling system means that we can breathe new life into well-loved shoes. Third Oak has 1/200th of the carbon footprint of the average imported shoe. 


    Cruelty Free

    We spent years developing our unique

    bio-based material: 45% soy by weight

    and 100% cruelty free.


    Locally Made

    We believe in supporting our community with local manufacturing. Less than 1% of shoes worn in the US are made in the country.


    Team With A Mission

    Our Georgia-based team is a close-knit group who truly care about our footprint on this Earth. We hold ourselves to a higher standard because we believe it’s the way a company should operate.

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