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Since you are shopping on this site you understand and value quality. Your new swimsuit can stay vibrant and last for many years. Follow these easy care instructions.


  •  Rinse your swimsuit with fresh cool water as soon as you come out of the ocean or pool.  Even if you avoid the water, follow these instructions as soon as you finish sun-tanning.  Saltwater, chlorine, sun-tan products and sweat break down the elasticity of your swimsuit. Rinse it off as soon as you can after wearing it. 


  • Wash your bathing suit in cold water. Use a cleaner formulated for swimwear. Use regular detergent at your own risk. Regular laundry detergent will break down the elastic fabric of your swimsuit. We recommend Soak Wash. It's eco-friendly and made in Canada. It's also the best swimwear cleaner on the market and comes in a variety of yummy scents.


  • After washing, rinse your swimsuit in cold water and gently squeeze the excess water out.  Never wring or twist your bathing suit because this is hard on the elasticity of the fabric.


  • Lay your swimwear in the shade to dry.


Note: Avoid putting a wet or dirty bathing suit into a bag for a long period of time. If necessary, rinse and line dry until you can wash it like described above.

a woman from Toronto on a tropical vacation wearing a designer black PilyQ bikini she bought online from Sun Vixen Swimwear
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