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Celebrating a great 2018 – Bright future

As 2018 draws to a close, I have a special message for all of the supporters of Sun Vixen.

Thank you!

card from Sun Vixen Swimwear
photo credit: rawpixel

Since launching the company this past March, I’ve been amazed at the level of support that we’ve received. Not only have we generated orders and inquiries from our home base in Canada but also the United States and as far away as Sweden and the United Kingdom.

That is very gratifying because I’m aware that the swimwear space is very large and competitive and there are a lot of options out there.

That’s why since Day One, I’ve tried to differentiate Sun Vixen from other online retailers by carrying a wide range of fresh, distinctive brands in swimwear, coverups and accessories.

Swimwear is a big part of my own lifestyle. As a result, I realize it is much more than simply a commodity. It’s personal and a unique way to express your personality and flair based on colours and designs.

I’m proud to tell you that a lot of time and research goes into the brands we carry. My team meets personally with each designer to understand their story and inspiration. It’s precisely why many of the designs and colours we stock are unique and simply can’t be found elsewhere.

Just as important in our selection process are quality and value. The material and the manufacturing process can have a big impact on how women feel in their swimsuits and coverups. We also strategically carry numerous reversible swimwear which come in handy for longer trips.

We were honoured early into our launch to be featured in the Vancouver Sun and Vancouver Province, helping raise awareness of our unique line.

Bright future ahead

Based on your ongoing orders and feedback, Sun Vixen will continue to grow and evolve. You can expect to see even more styles and brands in the future, including the addition of plus-sizes so we are able to appeal to all women.

I encourage you to continue to visit our website regularly to view our growing selection. And stay connected through our Facebook and Instagram accounts.

For breaking announcements about offers – and special events, such as a pop-up planned for January 4-5 in North Vancouver, BC – subscribe to our emails on the home page of our website.

In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to thank you again for being a strong supporter of Sun Vixen. While 2018 was indeed a year to celebrate, I’m confident next year will be even more successful.


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