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Find Comfort with the Size of Your Suit

Have you ever been to the beach and never took off your bathing suit cover up?

Canadian woman standing on the beach wearing a cover up she got from Sun Vixen Swimwear online bathing suit boutique
photo: Averie Woodard

Positive body image is something that many of us begin to consider a few months before that long-awaited holiday.

As a Certifed Personal Trainer, and Master Coach, I’ve worked with a number of folks who ramp up their work out routine to get ready for their holidays.

I often ask: What is the size of your suit?

Sheepishly people will say: I’d like to go down a least a size or two so that I feel comfortable laying on the beach! Off we go, changing their routines so that they will lose that 5-10 lbs for comfort.

Canadian women in a gym getting fit to look good in a swimsuit they buy from Sun Vixen Swimwear to get ready for their next girls trip beach vacation
photo: Trust Katsande

We all agree, that how we feel should not be based on the number you see on the scale or measuring tape, and for many it is daunting.

Success is really based on our attitude.

Wouldn’t it be nice if we were able to change our mindset so that we feel comfortable no matter what size? A positive mindset with a “you can do it attitude” will lead to your personal and professional success.

Canadian women on a boat wearing designer swimsuits they bought from Sun Vixen Swimwear, an online Canadian bathing suit company.
photo: Georgina Stokes

I’d rather discuss healthy lifestyle choices which lead to building your confidence; an important step in finding comfort in your size and shape. A healthy body weight with a holistic approach to fitness will become your calling card.

The next step in getting ready for the holiday is finding a new bathing suit that will allow you to enjoy the beach!

Sun Vixen Swimwear takes the guesswork out of shopping for a swimsuit. It is hassle-free, easy and fun!

In the comfort of your own home you many not only choose the styles you'd like to try on, but when they arrive you may get comfortable with the style, colour and shape.

A great way to focus on your new positive attitude with a hassle-free way of returning what doesn't fit!

Woman from Canada shopping for a bikini online at Sun Vixen Swimwear
photo: Charles

Who knew!

Choose a healthy lifestyle and welcome your new size and shape while showing it off in your new bathing suit!

Don’t forget a beach cover up. It builds confidence going to and from the beach!

Whether you're going to the pool or laying in the sun take a moment or two and get comfortable with the size of your suit.

You’ve got this!

Trish Tonaj is a Master Coach Practitioner and Coach Trainer providing keynotes and workshops on Mentorship…breaking barriers, starting new conversations and creating a new definition for success.

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