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Power Mesh – Slim, Tone, Smooth in Your Swimsuit

What is Power Mesh?

Power mesh is a compression fabric used to shape, tone, smooth and streamline the body.

It's a 4-way stretch fabric with 1mm hexagonal holes throughout. It was founded by a British company called Aertex.

Power mesh started to gain popularity in the 1980s because of its ability to compress and contour the body. Plus, It's breathable and allows moisture to escape. This leaves your body feeling cool and comfortable.

a beautiful lady from Los Angeles wearing a designer power mesh swimsuit she purchased from a luxury swimwear e-commerce store called sun vixen swimwear

Power mesh fabric is very soft and stretchy but has a high recovery rate. This is the rate of ability to return to its original size when stretched.

Because of its ability to shape and mould the body, this wonder fabric is now used in many everyday garments including athletic wear, shapewear and swimwear. It is most commonly known for its headlining role in a well-known company called Spanx.

Are there different types of Power Mesh?

Yes, there are 5 different types of Power Mesh. They are:

  • Metallic mesh

  • Power net

  • Tulle

  • Polyester mesh

  • Nylon mesh

What is Power Mesh used to make?

This one-of-a-kind mesh material fabric’s used in activewear, swimwear, lingerie, dancewear, compression/body contouring garments, shawls, and cardigans.

What are the benefits of having it in swimwear?

This 4-way stretch mesh allows you to move freely without any constraints. Yet at the same time, it's sturdy and resilient for continuous movement.

Its compression features allow the swimwear it’s in to sculpt, shape and streamline your body. Power Mesh will not sag or distort out of shape. The fabric's design allows it to dry quickly.

a sexy plus size woman who purchased a gorgeous one piece swimsuit from sun vixen swimwear a celebrity swimsuit store

Power Mesh is used in high-end plus-size swimwear. This is because it helps to smooth cellulite and belly bulge. It's especially helpful in common problem areas such as the stomach, buttocks, and back. It also helps to enhance bust support.

But it's not just for plus size! Anyone can benefit from the smoothing effects of power mesh, even if you're petite. Many women use power mesh to minimize tummy bulge or smooth the area under the arms and around the back.

With all these great features, the power mesh in your compression swimwear is guaranteed to boost your confidence. It can change how you look and feel in a swimsuit which can add to the enjoyment of your vacation.

These are some of the bestselling power mesh swimsuits:

1. Slimming Swimming Dress

This slimming power mesh swim dress is designed from exclusive LYCRA® XTRA LIFE™ Spandex fabric. Engineered to sculpt and flatter every body type. It creates a curve-enhancing silhouette and is a truly unique piece.

A woman from Ontario wearing a designer swimwear purchased from Sun Vixen Swimwear a designer ecommerce store for swimsuits

2. Aqua High Waisted Bikini Set

This gorgeous aqua bikini set has an old Hollywood feel that's timeless and elegant. Its figure-flattering design combined with eye-catching seascape turquoise has you setting sail on your next luxury vacation.

You'll be instantly transported to a tropical paradise looking breathtakingly beautiful and confident.

A woman from Surrey wearing a luxury swimsuit purchased from Sun Vixen Swimwear a designer ecommerce store for swimwear

3. Flowers Plus Size Wrap

This magnificent one-piece swimsuit features a flattering wrap-style silhouette. It effortlessly blends vintage aesthetics with modern elegance. Easily the most incredible swimsuit to accentuate and sculpt your figure for a trimmed and toned look.

A woman from Edmonton wearing a desigjner swimsuit purchased from Sun Vixen Swimwear a luxury ecommerce store for swimwear

4. Gorgeous Red Swimsuit

This swimsuit is a specialized combination of moulded cups, ultra-soft fabric and power mesh to shape, firm, and streamline your body. It has a ruffle deep v neckline that adds a modern touch to this timeless swimsuit design.

A woman from Vancouver wearing a luxurious one piece purchased from an online commerce store called Sun Vixen Swimwear

5. Cheetah Print Bikini Set

This bikini set has ruched details on the underwire top to give a sultry spin on a classic bikini silhouette. The tummy control bikini bottoms have a classically seductive hourglass shape and a supportive structure.

a gorgeous plus size woman from Toronto wearing a cheetah print bikini set she bought from a celebrity swimwear store called sun vixen swimwear

You can check out more of our Power Mesh swimsuits here.

Power mesh is definitely a game-changer.

Have you ever tried a compression power mesh swimsuit and noticed the difference?

  • Absolutely! It's changed my swimwear game completely

  • Nope. I've never tried it but definitely plan to!

  • I'm happy with how my regular swimwear makes me look

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