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Updated: Aug 27

photo by Nathan Dumlao

If you’ve purchased swimwear or accessories from our site recently – or are just scrolling through to see what we carry – you know that we gravitate towards brands that are fresh and fashion forward.

Whether it’s on the beach, sitting by the pool or attending a party, it’s important to see and be seen.

There are times, though, when fashion and function intersect and you get the best of both worlds. The classic win/win.

Such a combination is more important than ever following the recent announcement by several airlines – including Air Canada, West Jet, American Airlines, United and Jet Blue – that they were raising baggage fees.

To help guard against spiralling baggage fees – and maximize your vacation time – here are a few tips to consider in planning your next trip.

Reversible swimwear

Arrow & Eve Charley Reversible One Piece Swimsuit

While we take great pride in carrying a wide range of fashionable swimwear brands, some of them have the added feature of being reversible. This allows you to wear the same suit twice!

Among our current favourites include the Arrow and Eve Charley Reversible one piece swimsuit and the Poema Abby Reversible bikini bottoms that pair nicely with the Tulum Bikini top. To discover our entire selection, just type in “reversible” in our search box and you are certain to discover a bikini or full swimsuit that suits your taste while providing flexibility.

Cover ups/Accessories

Along with our wide selection of swimwear, we also have a range of cover ups and dresses that will serve to accentuate your wardrobe while providing added variety. This includes the Monique Cover up and Celeste Halter Dress.

Celeste Halter Dress by PilyQ

If you are looking to add a further edge, browse through our array of accessories, including sunglasses, chokers and bracelets. All provide the ability to create distinctive looks with simplicity.

Packing cubes

A relatively new travel accessory that is trending are packing cubes. A recent Business Insider article highlighted how they not only help organize items in your luggage but also provide extra space as they easily compress without wrinkling your clothes, including swimwear.

Some packing cubes also come in a variety of colours, making it simple to arrange your items in advance for certain days of the week or if you are jetting to multiple locations.

Check popular websites such as Amazon or Canadian Tire to explore a range of options and price points.

Airline-branded credit cards

photo by Two Paddles

If you are going on a longer vacation and/or have difficulty sticking to a single checked luggage, don’t despair. One option is scoping out a variety airline-branded credit cards – some of which offer complimentary checked luggage, priority boarding and other perks. For a good summary of some of the offers that are available, check out the website of the pointsguy.

If you choose to take this path and checked luggage isn’t a concern, then make sure to check out our full line of swimwear, beach cover ups and accessories. You are certain to find something stylish for your next trip.

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