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Take your Swimsuit to the NEXT LEVEL in 5 easy ways

Looking for inspiration on how to elevate your beach look? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Sun vixen Swimwear believes that the best way to boost your confidence is with a head-to-toe style.

A lady from Florida on vacation got her swimwear from a gift card she received from Sun Vixen Swimwear swimsuit look

Just like toast goes well with peanut butter and jelly, we believe there are some things that go great with your swimsuit. You can transform a lonely swimsuit into an entire extravagant look. Be a beach goddess, where others are awestruck by your impeccable taste and style

Here we highlight 5 ways you can boost your beach look.

1. Use body bronzer/self-tanner

Having a tan gives your skin a healthy vibrant glow. But getting a tan in the sun can take hours. You can speed up the process with a great self-tanner to give yourself a bronzed beach look. Plus, you get a beautiful, radiant tone without damaging your skin.

A lady from Toronto on vacation wearing a sexy designer swimsuit from luxury swimwear boutique Sun Vixen Swimwear for swimsuit look

We recommend St Tropez self tan express bronzing mousse and Bali Bronzing foam from Coco & Eve. Both give a striking tanned finish without any unwanted orange tone.

2. Use a body highlighter

This is the step most people skip but can make you look like “Wow!”. Using a body highlighter gives your skin a radiant sunkissed glow with a subtle shimmer. Add to your decolletage and collar bones to make them stand out. a luxury swimwear boutique in Canada A lady from Miami on vacation swimsuit look

You can also highlight your nose and cheekbones to give your face added glow.

The most stunning effect comes from highlighting the top of your thighs, shoulders, and upper arms. Choose just one or two areas for highlighting otherwise you risk looking like a disco ball.

We recommend the Becca ignite Liquified light highlighter and Patrick TA Major Glow Body Oil. Both have a lovely glowing effect so you’ll look magnificent.

3. Wear a designer beach cover up

Designer beach cover ups do wonders to elevate your bathing suit and your self-confidence. Our favorites are made with a sheer material to allow your swimsuit to be visible underneath.

A swimsuit look lady from Michigan wearing a red cover up skirt from sun vixen swimwear in Vancouver Canada

Why not illuminate your designer swimsuit rather than conceal it? Our favorite designer beach cover ups are PQ Swim’s black lace cover up and Poema’s Havana beach cover up.

4. Wear body jewelry

Wearing body jewelry that compliments your swimsuit takes your look to a whole new level. You can wear something prominent like a waist or a body chain for a show-stopping look. Or opt for something more subtle like a necklace, bracelet, or anklet.

A woman is wearing a necklace to accessorize her swimsuit which she purchased online from sun vixen swimwear online from a luxury swimwear boutique

No matter what you choose, wear something you will be comfortable in. It should not get in the way of your relaxing day. You can even get waterproof jewelry to ensure you can wear it while swimming.

Our favorites are this gorgeous sterling silver sphere pendant necklace and tarnish-resistant infinity anklet.

5. Finish your outfit with sun accessories

Complete your look with a bold hat or a pair of sunglasses. This serves the dual purpose of keeping you protected from the sun while adding to your overall look. Finish with a cute pair of flip-flops such as these eco friendly sandals from Third Oak.

A lady from Los Angeles in a pool with  swimwear she purchased with a Sun Vixen swimwear gift card for swimsuit look

Our bestselling hat and sunglasses are these versatile pair caramel leather trim hat and rose gold mirrored sunglasses.

So why be plain toast when you can be DELICIOUS peanut butter and jelly?

The most important thing to tie all the 5 points above together is confidence. Straighten your back and prop your shoulders up. Showcase your gorgeous look completed with bronzer, highlighter, a designer beach cover up, jewelry, and some accessories to everyone in sight.

Did we miss any other tips? Let us know.