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Weight Loss Rewards – Do They Really Work?

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

Last year I decided to lose weight.  I tried weight loss rewards to inspire my journey.  Here is my story.

This is me with my daughter Amanda before starting my weightloss journey

As I get older it is harder and harder for me to lose weight and keep it off.  But I finally figured out what works for me. Read on - I hope it helps you too. 

In Sept 2018 I was going for a walk with a good friend, Rassamee. She is quite an inspiration to me because she teaches karate and runs triathlons.  She is fit and healthy, which I admire. On this particular September day, Rassamee turned to me partway through our walk and said..."I am going to walk the El Camino trail in Portugal next September." 

I knew she had been thinking of doing it ever since we read an inspiring story about someone’s journey at our book club.  

Me with my daughter Amanda. This photo was taken before I lost 35 pounds. As you can see me and my daughter are very affectionate 🥰

I then gathered my courage and asked: “Do you want company?” And as any amazing friend would, she responded  with "I was hoping you would say that!"  

What was I thinking?!  54, overweight (by a lot), knee problems, foot problems and the goal of walking 20 - 25 km a day for 15 days!? 

The El Camino trail that I planned to walk is 240 km (150 miles) long, starting in Porto, Portugal. It takes about 12 days to walk from Porto to Santiago. 

To accomplish the goal to walk the Camino with Rassamee I knew I needed to lose weight.  If I was going to challenge myself by walking the 240 kilometer Portuguese Camino trail I definitely needed to lose some pounds.

Before I started my weight loss journey, I knew that I not only had to eat well (chicken and green vegetables became my best friend) and increase my stamina but I also needed an incentive to lose weight.  

My favourite part of the El Camino trail. A woman offered us a fresh apple from her tree after we hiked up a huge hill

I need to be able to visualize myself looking great in Portugal.  I had heard that weight loss rewards work well to keep people motivated.  I quickly decided that when I lost my 50 pounds I would treat myself to a beautiful new bathing suit that I would proudly wear in Portugal.  

This is me on the El Camino Trail in Esposende Portugal. I had lost 35 pounds!

So began my journey of weight loss, walking, walking and more walking. 

I did my best to eat well too, but sometimes that’s difficult. My favourite food was a pizza made of a low-calorie tortilla shell with salsa, chicken, onion, pepper, Brussels sprouts (who knew right?) and zucchini. 

I kept at it for months, never losing sight of my swimwear prize incentive for shedding the pounds.  It was my light at the end of a long tunnel of hard work.

That's me on the left in Viana do Castelo Portugal. Walking through this historic part of the town is how our day started. Look how skinny my legs look!

I would like to add that, I have not had the best success in finding bathing suits over the years.  I walk into the store with the bright lights, skinny sales associates and skimpy bikinis and want to give up before I even start. 

But I persevere and try on swimsuit after swimsuit but nothing ever looks good.  

After a year of hard work and perseverance, I have lost a significant amount of weight. 

Linda under the grapes - Grape Harvesting Season - Pontevedra Spain

I am truly proud of myself and inspired to keep going.  The El Camino trail is just a week away and it is finally time to find a swimsuit to treat myself to.

My weight loss rewards finale.

Enter Sun Vixen swimwear website. I have been following them on Instagram for a year now. 

At first glance it seems like something more in line with what my 20-year-old would wear - everyone is super skinny (argh!) and looks amazing.  Could I look good in one of those swimsuits? 

Well, there’s only one way to find out....

So, I tried a few bathing suits and to my amazement, I looked good in every one of them!  That never happens to me.  Now how is that for a weight loss reward?!

With the built-in Spanx in the Sea Level swimsuits for us mature women who have had kids, the quality fabric and the flattering style, I have never looked so good.

Up we go! Linda on the El Camino Trail in Redondela Spain

I have to admit buying a swimsuit online is incredibly intimidating for a woman who has always been larger.  But the convenience of having it shipped right to my door, trying it on in the privacy of my own home, and returning what I don’t want was fabulous!

And I have never in my life been torn as to which swimsuit looks the best.  It is totally OK to buy a couple of different sizes and styles and return what you don't want. 

OK - I know that is hard for some of us to do, but Opal at Sun Vixen Swimwear encourages it because once you buy one of her swimsuits she knows you will go back for more.

I will never buy another one piece bathing suit from any place other than Sun Vixen Swimwear!  If you need an incentive to lose some weight, I recommend using a swimsuit to help you. It was just what I needed to give me that push to succeed.

PS - I lost 35 of the 50 pounds and still want to lose more...when I do, I see another new Sun Vixen bathing suit on my horizon.

PSS - when I showed "the swimsuit" to my daughter at home she said, "you look amazing - and so skinny" and my husband said "wow" and then was speechless...one of my best days in a long time.  😉

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