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Dopamine dressing: The hottest fashion trend in 2022

We hear the word dopamine all the time and it’s supposed to be a good thing for your body. But that begs the question.

What is dopamine?

According to WebMD, dopamine is a type of neurotransmitter. Your body creates it and it’s used within your nervous system to send messages between nerve cells. Dopamine plays an immense role in how we feel pleasure in the brain’s reward system.

When we do things we enjoy, we get a dopamine release or rush. For example, gambling, shopping, drugs, eating, working out, etcetera. Each person is different and gets a dopamine release from activities they love.

So what is dopamine dressing?

It’s dressing with the intent to uplift your mood by wearing bright and cheery colors. Bright pink, orange, yellow, baby blue, and green are perfect examples.

a woman from Calgary wearing dopamine dressing sliding colourful triangle bathing suit from sun vixen swimwear

There has long been a trend toward wearing black because it's thought to have a slimming or minimizing effect.

The fact is, no matter what magical ability black has to make you look smaller, it's not exactly uplifting.

a man from miami wearing a pink hawaiian print shirt he got at sun vixen swimwear online boutique

There's a reason blacks and greys have traditionally been worn at funerals. It can signal a saddened or depressed state to those around you.

With all that's happened within the last two years, many people have experienced some forms of depression or grief.

Now many people are looking for any way possible to boost their mood.

A plus size woman from Nebraska wearing a colorful tankini she bought for dopamine dressing from sun vixen swimwear online bathing suit store

We're all looking for simple pleasures. Like seeing friends and family, going to your favourite cafe, or travelling again. Anything that gives the rush of that dopamine hit.

One simple way to create some instant happiness is to start dopamine dressing. This works equally well with swimwear.

Change up your routine and add some bold colors to the mix. The brighter, the better.

a bold orange cheetah print swimsuit worn by a plus size woman from South Carolina while lounging at the pool in Hawaii. She bought the swimsuit for dopamine dressing at sun vixen swimwear online

Easier said than done, right? Change is often difficult. Many people are concerned about how bright colors will look with their skin tones.

Especially women who tend towards primarily black or neutral tones for their wardrobe.

But there’s nothing to be wary of. Leave your comfort zone and take a shot. It’s guaranteed to make you feel happier and more confident.

Think of how you feel when you see someone else wearing a bright-colored outfit. It does have the ability to make a stranger's day without saying a word.

dopamine dressing by a woman from St. Louis wearing a designer hot pink bikini while on vacation in Peru. She bought the swimsuit online at sun vixen swimwear

How do I start dopamine dressing?

Start slow. Try to look within your wardrobe and see which colors you gravitate to. Is there a reason for this?

Perhaps you have one color that you feel you look pretty good in, like red or yellow. Try to figure this out and then buy more or similar colors.

Some colors can make us feel happy, like bold pink and red. Start there and see how you feel and what kind of reactions you get from friends. The likelihood is you'll get some positive comments.

a woman from Alabama wearing a designer retro checkered swimsuit for dopamine dressing while on vacation to the Caribbean. She purchased her bikini online from sun vixen swimwear

I'm over 40. Can I dopamine dress too?

Dopamine dressing is for everyone no matter your age. This kind of dressing is a great idea particularly if you are a woman over 40. It helps give your skin the appearance of being glossy and youthful.

Vibrant colors also warm and enhance your skin’s pigmentation. This automatically translates to your mood making you feel uplifted. You certainly won’t get this radiance from dark colors such as black or grey.

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