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How to pack a carry on for your next beach vacation

You’ve waited months (or more) for this vacation and you’ve been stuck on an 8-hour flight between a snorer and a crying baby. All you want to do is put on your swimsuit and take a dip in the pool...but you can’t. Your luggage never arrived!

Don’t let this travesty happen to you! By knowing how to pack the perfect carry on bag, you can hit the pool deck ASAP after landing at your destination.

Here’s how to pack a carry on bag with everything you need for your next beach or luxury resort vacation:

Things that are essential: Airports are dirty, crowded places that test our patience...and often our sanity. Minimize stress by having your travel documents and ID in a dedicated pocket or at the top of your bag. Don’t be “that person” who fumbles through their bag at check-in to find their documents.

Things to freshen up: Recirculated airplane air can wreak havoc on our skin, hair, and our breath. Our second tip for how to pack a carry on is to bring a small make-up bag, toothbrush, and hairbrush so you can freshen up after your long flight to look and feel your best.

Things to do: Your flight is often your first bit of relaxation on your vacation. Calm your body and mind by packing your favorite tunes (with noise cancelling headphones) or a new racy book to keep you occupied in the airport and on the plane.

Things to wear: Should the unthinkable happen, and the airline loses your luggage, carry a spare change of clothes with you. Pack 2-3 of every clothing item and choose items that can all coordinate so you can mix and match with only a few items. Pack or wear clothes that can pull double-duty, like this stunning sun dress or this sexy Celeste Halter Dress that can also double as a beach cover-up! (Bonus tip: take advantage of the hotel laundry service for your clothes so you can re-wear your clothes in different combinations)

Things to swim: If you know how to pack a carry on right, you should have plenty of room for your bathing suit and a few accessories. Also, if you choose to check a larger bag and that bag gets lost, you can still swim while the airline scrambles to find your belongings. For those who want to travel light, consider a reversible swimsuit like this glamorous black and gold suit from Arrow and Eve or the Tina One Piece Reversible swimsuit by Agua Bendita. It’s two swimsuits in one.

One Piece Swimsuit Canada
Tina One Piece Reversible Swimsuit by Agua Bendita

Things for your feet: Here’s another item to bring that you don’t need to pack at all: Lucy Blue Divine White Sandals with Swarovski Crystals! Wear them on the plane, wear them to the pool, or for an evening out. With these you don’t need to pack multiple pairs of shoes!

That’s it! That’s how to back a carry on so you’re ready for the pool right away no matter what. Pack light and only carry what’s essential. You can always buy sundry items when you arrive. The secret is pack enough to get you through a day, including a day in the pool or beach, so if the rest of your luggage doesn’t make it to paradise with you, you’re not robbed of precious time in the sun.

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