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Vacation Outfit Ideas 2022 for your holiday getaway in the HOTTEST SPOTS

Many countries are opening up their borders to visitors as vaccinations rates climb. Everyone is planning their vacation after almost a year and a half. Popular countries for getaways have relaxed their rules or have no quarantine.

We decided to compile a lookbook that would give you some outfit inspiration. If you decide to travel to any of our 5 suggested destinations, you'll be all set.

1. Mexico

If you live in Canada or the United States then you might be looking for a destination that is close by. Mexico is perfect as it isn't too far away if you decide to do a weekend getaway.

These vibrant print swimsuits are the perfect option for your Mexican holiday. Pair with this gorgeous bright red cover up skirt and sandals to complete your look.

2. Italy

Craving gourmet pizza and pasta? Then Italy might be your destination choice.

It is the land of designer fashion brands and beautiful architecture. You may want to look classy and fit the vibe that you're surrounded by.

We promise these sultry swimsuits will help you fit right in with the high standards. Pair with a fancy wine bag to keep you champagne or beverages cool on the go at the Italian beaches.

3. Costa Rica

Want to immerse yourself in nature and wildlife? Costa Rica is the perfect location. It is well known for its national parks and biodiversity. Lots of adventures to be had if you vacation there.

These sexy animal print bathing suits will look great on you in this tropical island paradise. Complete your look with black lace cover up pants and super comfy leather sandals. You're all set for Costa Rica!

4. Greece

Dreaming of the gorgeous blue water and the perfect sunset view? Santorini or Mykonos would be perfect. We’ve got the perfect look for a relaxing greek vacation by the beach.

This floral beach wrap dress complements the gold bikini set perfectly. Pair the gorgeous lemon print swimsuit with these white lace cover up pants. Two great looks ready for you on your Greek getaway.

5. Bahamas

The Bahamas are vibrant and full of beautiful colors. Known for clear turquoise water and white sand beaches. You can go scuba diving or snorkeling while you enjoy looking at the underwater sea life. Your bikini definitely needs to match the ambiance.

Pretty in pink is all you need against the blue waters. The lace beach cover up still lets your swimsuits shine through while taking your look to the next level.

Vacation is a time to relax and enjoy yourself. When you look great, you feel even better. Any swimsuit you wear should make you feel confident and comfortable in your own skin.

We all need a little help sometimes. So why not purchase a swimsuit that will give you that extra boost of confidence? We guarantee you will look amazing with the right style and size for your body.

You can book an appointment for a style consultation. We'll help you find and personalize your swimsuit for the most flattering look.

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