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How should a swimsuit fit? - A guide to finding the perfect bathing suit-

Have you ever measured yourself to find your size for a swimsuit? Picking your correct size can be hard. We all have different body shapes and sizes.

Some of us have smaller or larger busts, some have shorter or longer torsos. Others want swimsuits that give them a push up bra feeling or need tummy control to look smoother.

Recently one of our customers, Mary, reached out after she purchased a swimsuit.

Mary tried the swimsuit on to show her friend Katherine.

Katherine pointed out that the swimsuit was much too large in the body.

Mary reached out to me for help. I asked her a few questions to learn more about her experience and how we could've helped better. Mary explains what she learned in the process and gives great advice.

Opal: What made you decide to buy a new swimsuit?

Mary: All my swimsuits are old and stretched out. I was looking for a new one to replace my old ones.

Opal: Why did you choose a designer swimsuit over a cheap one?

Mary: Cheap ones never offer the support I need. Having a larger bust makes it hard for me to find the support I need in a swimsuit.

Opal: What made you choose Sun Vixen Swimwear to buy your designer swimsuit from?

A beautiful woman from Atlantic city wearing a swimsuit she purchased online at sun vixen swimwear a designer swimwear boutique based in Vancouver

Mary: My friend Katherine had nothing but good things to say about your swimsuits so I decided to give them a try.

Opal: How did you decide what size to buy?

Mary: I ordered the size I thought I was from my last purchase. Looking back this was a mistake as it would have saved me the hassle of having to return it.

Opal: Did you reference the size chart for the swimsuit you chose to buy? Why or why not?

Mary: I did look at the size chart but didn't measure myself and compare. I should have. I am embarrassed that I was so wrong in picking the size to order.

Opal: Did you buy according to the clothing size you usually buy?

Mary: I placed the order with the previous sized one piece I had purchased during the holidays.

Opal: What other factors did you consider when choosing what size to buy?

Mary: I was picking to fit my bust size and coverage I wanted. I have a larger bust and a smaller size body. My swimsuit was very baggy around the bottom area.

A beautiful woman from Quebec wearing a swimsuit she purchased online at sun vixen swimwear a luxury swimwear boutique based in Vancouver Canada

Opal: When you received your swimsuit, what did you think?

Mary: I loved the look and the attention to detail and how it felt. The quality was

amazing and had the structural support I was looking for.

Opal: When you tried it on, how did you think it fit?

Mary: I thought it fit but I was wrong. I don’t have a full-length mirror so I could not see how it looked at the back.