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WHY is finding a bathing suit that fits so hard? - 7 REASONS people HATE wearing swimsuits -

Summertime means heading to the beaches and lounging by the pool.

Being confined indoors since last year was hard on everyone. This year, people are heading outdoors the first chance they get. Wearing minimal clothing can be intimidating for some. This is why it’s a good thing body confidence has gained momentum worldwide over the past few years.

Everyone should rock their body in swimsuits. And what better way to do it than luxury designer swimwear? Yet, people still avoid wearing bathing suits for several reasons.

Below we have the TOP 7 reasons people hate wearing swimsuits. We also outline ways to curb these issues to make the experience more enjoyable.

1. Incorrect swimsuit for your body shape

The first step in finding the perfect swimsuit is knowing your body shape. You can check out our article here to learn your body shape using the chart that explains in detail.

Dressing according to your body type helps to flatter one's physique. By accentuating your best features and hiding problem areas one might have you can feel much more comfortable.

a group of ladies from Montreal on vacation wearing designer swimsuits they purchased online from a swimwear boutique in Vancouver Canada

A lady from Toronto on vacation wearing designer swimsuits she purchased online from a luxury swimwear boutique in Vancouver Canada

2. Unattractive color that doesn't flatter skin undertone

Everyone has a different undertone. From yellow undertones to olive, to warm, and neutral skin tones. Click here for a helpful guide to skin undertones and which colors suit you best.

Once you’ve found what works best for you, stick to these color swimsuits as they make you look more vibrant and alive.

3. The fit of the swimsuit is not the right size

Size charts differ from brand to brand. It is important to look at the brand’s size chart for each swimsuit to help you pick the right size.

Recently we had a loyal customer who picked a swimsuit based on a size she ordered from a different brand. This led to the swimsuit being very large on her. Your swimsuit expands once it's submerged in the water. This makes it vital to ensure all measurements are correct to get the best fit.

A lady from Illinois using a designer swimsuit size chart from a luxury swimwear boutique in Canada

4. Unbreathable or itchy material

We’ve all had those materials that look comfy but as soon as we put them on, they are itchy and can even give you a rash. Some swimsuit materials are no different. They stick to your body and you want to get out of them as soon as possible.

Nylon and Polyester are the best materials for swimsuits. Nylon is comfy and soft. It is stretchy but hugs your body in all the right places. Polyester is soft but very strong and is resistant to chlorine and UV rays.

A lady modelling luxury designer swimsuits she purchased online from a designer swimsuit boutique in Vancouver Canada

5. Unsecured feeling as swimsuit slips and slides

Swimsuits that have anti-slip on the bust are game-changers! This allows the swimsuit to stay in place so you don’t have to keep readjusting every 5 minutes.

Some materials also keep coming undone no matter how many times you tie them. This can be frustrating when trying to enjoy a swim and worrying about your bathing suit falling off. Adjustable and convertible straps help to give extra support and security.

6. Swimsuits that stretch out after a few uses

Proper swimwear care helps fight against the breakdown of the stretch fabric which is essential. It protects from wearing, stretching, sagging, and fading in swimsuits.

Following our swimwear care guide along with using this Canadian-made swimwear-specific cleaner can help your swimsuits last up to 10 years.

If you follow these instructions, we’re sure you’ll get tired of the design on your swimsuit before it gets worn out from usage. It deep cleans to get lotions, oils, and chlorine out of your swimsuit while being gentle on the fabric.

Soak Swimwear care for designer swimsuits purchased online from a luxury online swimwear boutique located in Canada

7. Prints or colors that are outdated

Outdated prints and colors are so last seasons. Here is Sun Vixen Swimwear, we love having swimsuits that are on-trend and prints that are stylish.

Our designers use the highest quality materials to ensure they do not fade or look worn out. The materials have a very long lifetime and look brand new for many years.

Some of our popular brands are PilyQ, Sea Level Australia, Beach Bunny, and Agua Bendita. Read 2021 swimwear trends for the latest trends and styles.

A girl from Hawaii on vacation wearing designer swimsuits she purchased online from a luxury online swimwear boutique located in Canada

Many swimsuits that have these problems are cheap and aren't made with care. At Sun Vixen Swimwear, we strive to provide the highest quality products so you can enjoy your vacation in style. This leaves our customers 100% happy with their swimsuits from us.

Need help choosing the right swimsuit for your body type? Book an appointment with our stylist Nimrit. She will help you personalize your swimsuit for the most flattering look.

You can shop all our swimsuits here.

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